Saturday, December 11, 2010

my favorite things: strawberry tea

i picked this up after high-tea with some girlfriends at fortnum & mason.

of the three teas we picked, this was the most fun flavour and it smelt glorious!! so i thought to add it to our tea collection at home. the tea snob in me thinks it tastes better in a warm delicate china tea cup instead of our ghetto drinking mugs, served with tiers of tea cakes, scones and little sandwiches... *dreams*  BUT its still yummy with little bits of dried strawberry!

love the tinted pink jar! add a little touch of colour to our otherwise monotoned kitchen! :)

*puts on british accent* would you fancy a cuppa (strawberry) tea? 


  1. i would love a cuppa strawberry tea! ;D

  2. "Why my dear, a cuppa sounds lovely now."
    I also have a thing for jars of tea! If I had my way, all my tea would be loose leaf and come in fancy jars. Instead I now have ghetto tea bags in ugly boxes.

  3. You just gave me an idea for a Christmas gift, this is so pretty! Do they sell this in SG?

  4. it makes a pretty christmas gift! im asking for more from santa claus! :)
    i did a quick google search:
    DFS - Changi Airport
    Terminal 3,
    Singapore Changi Airport
    Singapore, 819643
    Tel: 0065-6891-9168
    DFS Galleria
    25 Scotts Road,
    Singapore, 228220
    Tel: 0065-6229-8100

  5. my first loose leaf adventure too! :) all very fun and more excuse to buy other tea accessories!!!

  6. you know where you hafta come! *wink*

  7. Thank you so much! I was shopping around for it in Taka yesterday, but don't think Taka carries it. Settled for some Harrods hot chocolate instead, heh.

  8. let me know if the hot chocolate is yummy! im looking for a GOOD hot chocolate for winter.
    and my london brother is coming in a few days.. :) *bright idea*! :)

  9. Okie, I'll let you know if I get another can of Harrods hot choc for myself. Not planning on opening my current one since it's a gift, sorry bout that! :)


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