Friday, December 10, 2010

i want to ride my bicycle...

and #1 reason: peak hour train rides suck BIG TIME. and it doesn't help that its peak from 7 am - 10am and 7pm - 12mn everyday.. craziness!

image from frolic.


  1. omg! i got this same picture on my computer too!! haha! isn't it so true!

  2. it is!!! :) and very cute!! :)
    congrats on the new job!! will you still work part-time at walmart?

  3. Can I ask - is the peak period crowd on the subway transport in Tokyo better / equal / worse than the peak period crowd on the Singapore MRT system? I am curious because my Tokyo colleague insisted that the Singapore MRT system was waaaaaay worse, crowded and all! I couldn't believe it because my peak period travels in Tokyo were generally ok

  4. i must admit i don't travel that often during the peak hours. but i think Tokyo is worse.
    they are a little crazier in the shoving (i mean, seriously, they have full -time push men to shove people into trains..) and on top of the squeeziness, people don't hold on to anything at all AND they cough without covering their mouth.
    it reallly puts me off...


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