Wednesday, December 22, 2010

our little tree..

after days of nursing and spritzing, i think our little baby is going to make it for christmas. he is drinking a little more steadily and not shedding as much. here are some pictures we hastily took just in case his condition got any worse!

hi. i am christopher..

mum filled me with felt goodies..

such as this a little toadstool..

and a little english pudding..

and little japanese ball!

little musashi loves to dart between the presents and lie on the floor to play with the pompoms hanging from the lower branches. he's cheekier by the day. meanwhile, daniel is directing his extra energy into some doggie tricks with him. when i catch it on video, i'll share it one day!

and the best news of the day, brother no. 2 taxied off the runway of heathrow after a few days of airport closure! huzzah!! i can't wait to see him tomorrow afternoon at shinjuku! :) xx


  1. omg babe you ARE TRULY talented!!!!!!

  2. hahaha.. its not perfect! but good fun when im waiting for train or watching movies!

  3. Ooh... Love the star on top. So cute!!
    One day when clover is old enough I'll send her to learn crafts from you. Btw you should think about giving craft lessons for a living!!

  4. definitely! :) aww. thanks babe, thats the best compliment ever!!

  5. *ruffles zhing's hair* i think its more endearing to have little 'mistakes' here and there! =)

  6. hahaha!! thanks babe! so encouraging!

  7. That is a scrawny tree but oh so full of character! the deco rocks girl... Love love love the star at the top!!! Mine has a star to but no where near as cute as yours!!!

  8. did your tree make it through christmas?? we made it!!
    thanks thanks! just had some free time so thought i'd make me one! :)

  9. yes it did!!!
    I'm actually quite amazed it did given that i totally neglected it the last week given i had so many things happen in the whole week!


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