Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a little touch of red.

i've been very jealous for a while. of the girls who wear shorts in winter, have perfect curls and most of those, those who wear red lipstick. how fun and effortlessly chic do they look with a touch of redness on their lips? i also like whisking out a little chanel lipstick and glossing over after tea in the powder room. i've tried and with a lack of better words, i looked absolutely tranny-esque. can't say that in a nicer way. sorry.

i wonder what is it, my tanned complexion? the need for ginger red hair like her? well whatever it is, i'm putting this look on my santa wish list.

glamorous holiday hair tutorial here, image via here.

back when i had a cute little assistant (miss you, ellie!) who ran around town looking all chic on any regular work day with her red lips, i asked her point-blank "wassup with that?" and "how do i get that look?" she recommended more eye make up, a more mature look and told me with a twinkle in her eye "zhiying jie jie, you're too young at heart la!". i think i'll take that as a compliment!


  1. what a cute assistant you have! ;)
    Haha, I think red lipstick goes really well with very fair skin. =(

  2. i think so too!!! *sigh* i would never be fair tho..

  3. I wish i know how to carry off a red lip too!!!

  4. red lips work for everyone - you just have to pick the right shade. and technique matters too! i reckon you need to test out a bunch of reds before you choose one.
    also, red lips require the following in order to look good (otherwise the face looks very "naked") make sure you have this "face" on too when shopping for red lipstick -
    - well defined eyebrows, preferably penciled/shaded in unless you have v strong brows
    - flawless looking complexion w/ just a hint of rosiness
    - curled + mascara'ed lashes
    that's it! to apply, my favorite way is to NOT USE LINER (otherwise it looks very dated/wayang)...apply some lip balm, fill in lips with color, blot with tissue, then smoosh your lips together. or, just apply very lightly and dab using your ring fingers until it looks like a stain. looks much more modern and fresh rather than straight from the tube!
    and - this is a bit obscene but it works - put your finger into your mouth and draw your lips from bottom to top...this removes the excess from inside the lips and prevents red lipstick on your teeth!!!
    let me know if this works for you :)

  5. Love that look! But i totally can't carry that off as well :(

  6. i didn't make it in the end. there was too much happening on christmas morning! oh well...

  7. wow! thanks for the red lips tutorial! you should write these things!
    thanks so much babe!


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