Tuesday, December 21, 2010

daniel's latest muse...

we're extra excited today! its the first day we have musashi in the house with us and everything in the world has been happier and cuter! we've had seriously adult conversation for months about owning our own puppy. but thought to wait a little more before we jump in. so fostering was the best option. we get to give some love to someone unloved. or nurse them back to health. and at the same time, not incur huge financial burden upfront (cos the shelter takes care of all medical, grooming and food). we also like it that they can take the pet back when we travel...

about a week ago, we visited ARK Tokyo's adoption fair to put in paperwork for to be foster parents. but was told they didn't have anyone available so i was a little disappointed. but within a week, they sent a staff to our home who was very sweet and ever before she stepped into our house, told us 'wow! you've a nice place!' so i guess we passed the test and someone brought little musashi to tokyo all the way from osaka for us!! so love!!

Musashi, named after a famous samurai, is nothing like his name. he is a scarey-cat and even thought he is already 6 years old, he trotters around like a young puppy..

he is great around cats but doesn't like other dogs. he doesn't get aggressive but he pretends he doesn't see them. hilarious!

his favorite corner in the home - on the fuzzy brown carpet...

grandma is busily sewing away to make him christmas clothes.. he's gonna be one stylish dog!

he loves cuddles and attention.. and gives the most pitiful whines when you leave him at home. breaks your heart!!

his story is kinda sad. he belonged to a small family consisting of a mother and a young child in osaka. unfortunately, the mother passed away, leaving her child for adoption, hence the pets all needed to be given away too... we're hoping someone nice and lovely loves him as much as we do..

he's really sharp hearing and didn't coorperate during his christmas shots!! cos he thought mum was rummaging through the pantry to find him snacks! oh well, daddy will take pictures for you another day, munchkin!

we know he will leave when he finds a more permanent home but he already has our hearts.. we love you very much!! we're excited to have you over christmas and i know your uncles will spoil you crazy! welcome to the family, love. you'll always be our first...



  1. super cute!!! :) Impressed that they actually send someone to vet households before they send the animals along - very responsible!! May he fill your xmas with even more cheers and love!! XOXO

  2. OMG! That looks like my fur rug when she was a whee pup! Sooo cute! Can't wait to see him - if he's still around..

  3. they do look alike! how old is fur rug?
    musashi is already 7 but he is teeny tiny!! hopefully he will still be around!!
    we're such pansies. our first foster and we wanna adopt him already!

  4. teehee!!! :) such a cutie, right? i whatapps YJ the moment we got him!
    as i type he is snuggled at my feet trying to kaypoh and peek at my screen!!!

  5. i was very impressed too! they're really genuine and lovely people. you can tell from the way they handle the pets that they do it out of love!
    thanks babe.. its not ever christmas and he's got the entire family wrapped around his little paws..

  6. awwwwwwwwwwwwww what a sweetie pie!!!! i hope the trial run goes well and you guys decide to give him a home for life!!!
    as far as other dogs, he just needs to be socialized and taught to get along with other dogs. take him to the dog park if there are any of those in Tokyo!

  7. i know.. i want to too!! let's see how the adoption run goes in january!!
    meanwhile he is such an angel...

  8. ya.. we're such softies we suddenly want a maltese already.. even though initially we were all toy poodles & daschunds..
    let's see if there is anyone who wants him! :)
    we brought him to the park but he pretends he doesn't see other dogs. he turns away! its quite funny!! oh well, give him some time.. he is such a picky eater. today he ate chicken with mixed vegetables and left out a bowlful of peas. i wrestled him but he won.

  9. She's 10 :) Malteses are really adorable.

  10. seriously she is ten??? wow! whats with malteses and looking only half their age!!
    i always had my heart set on daschunds & poodles but now malteses are definitely in the running to!

  11. speechlessly cute!

  12. alittle late in this but man, that's a cutie!!!

  13. thanks babe! we're really enjoy his company this christmas!

  14. how not to when he's so adorable.. its starting to seem very unlikely we're returning him..

  15. omg! you took the plunge! good for you girl! We chickened out. And you know what, we were that close to getting a maltese too!!!

  16. nono, we don't own him yet. just fostering him for the mo.
    im more of a daschund or poodle gal but maltese is super cute too!! we totally smitten!
    you should get one! they're great home dogs!


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