Thursday, November 18, 2010

my top hottest (celebrity) boys in the world...

when the girls were in town, they made me name my top 5 favorite male celebrities.

based purely on looks, disregarding their reputation, talent, real-life personality, list 5 only. oh ya. non-asians. there is a separate asian list! i had such a hard time working on this one. such a tough fight between the boys and my list kept changing every 5 seconds. so after much thinking, i've come up with my final 5 for the moment! :) so i thought i'll write it down, lest i forget or change my mind again!!

1. David Beckham

my long-term crush. love him! even thought this list is not in any order, he is top top of my list. i love him more in his soccer & daddy self than his model-ly underwear garb. but daniel loves saying "golly! that man has a can of pringles stuffed down his shorts!" i think that's hilarious (and true..) and oh!! love his wife too! is that too many loves in one sentence? 

2. Patrick Dempsey

i've been obsessed with dr shepard in greys since season one. and his puppy dog eyes melts my heart..

3. Jake Gyllanhal

and of course jakeypoos... liked him more when he was dating reese witherspoon. thought they were cute together...

4. Josh Duhamel

yummy! :) loved him in las vegas and transformer...

4.5. Orlando Bloom

ok i cheated but its orlando bloom....he's the only reason why i sat through lord of the rings, yep all of them.. AND bought the box set afterthat... and he didn't look too bad next to johnny depp in pirates of the carribean too, which in my world is a big feat! i must add that i was extremely disappointed when he got engaged to miranda kerr earlier this year though, im not a huge fan of her.

5. Channing Tatum

loved him in "Step up" and "Step up 2". i have a thing for boys that dance. and his body!!! *passes out!*

and my close sixes are: ed westwick, matthew mcconaughey, smith jared (the young version) and matthew morrison, my favorite singing & dancing high school teacher. he reminds me of justin timberlake but sexier. on second thoughts, im just gonna slip in a quick picture of him.

go glee! :)

who's on your top 5 list??


  1. so when will you post your top 5 female celebrities? :P haha
    p.s. no George Clooney or Keanu Reeves? they both seem to be on most people's lists (though perhaps you are too young to follow those 2 since they are slightly older men haha)

  2. Ooh I love them all! 'cept for matthew Morrison! He just doesn't seem rite for me! Hur hur! :)

  3. i actually like OL in PotC more than LotR!
    josh is like ♥♥♥~

  4. no, you're not feeling matthew? do you watch glee?? he is so dopey and cute there!!! :)

  5. i got a top 5 female BFF list though!!
    no george and keanu.. i used to be a huge keanu fan back in the matrix days. but i passed that phase! :)

  6. noooopes. i actually think he looks quite gay-ish (not the 'happy' definition) in LoTR!

  7. you should post the female BFF list too! =)
    Keanu Reeves is Canadian so he was very popular here too, but yes, now he's getting old so not that popular anymore! haha

  8. noooooo.. now you're gonna ruin it for me toooo!!!!

  9. if you're talking about canadian stars, ryan gosling & rachel mcadams definitely on my list!!! :) :) :)
    them in notebook... *swooon*! :)

  10. silly babe, you *can* like him! one (wo)man's poison is another (wo)man's meat, err i mean crush! ;)

  11. How about Jude Law, Chris Evans, James Franco and Hugh Jackman? ;)

  12. dont worry babe
    you can always change the list if you aren't "feeling" the guy anymore...
    belle has kicked someone off her international list...

  13. my problem is.... im totally feeling all 7 of my hot men right now. as i was typing i just thought of ANOTHER guy i didn't list! *dang*!!
    missed you this trip! come soon!!!!! xx

  14. yeah... i dropped jude law from my list a while ago.. i know its based on looks but his reputation. *tsk* but do i LOVE james franco.
    sheeze. the list grows...

  15. OH GOLLY GOSH! I love love LOVE Posh and Becks toooooo!!!! I CANNOT walk pass a mag cover with them on without buying it! *swoooon*

  16. Awww!! You're in their hometown!! Breathing the same air!!!
    N on a separate note, would you kindly please yell 'zhing loves youuuuuuu!!' at the glee concert when they come to London?? Mucho gracias!!!

  17. ooh gosh!!
    my current top 5 sexiest heartthrobs:
    1) Ian somerhalder (damon salivate..err i mean salvatore)
    2) Leo Di
    3) Jude Law
    4) Jake Gyllenhaal
    5) Zac Efron *giggles*
    ooh and two sports persons oogle-worthy is eli manning of the NYGiants (so boy boy!) and george st-pierre (UFC guy that is soooo hawt! but so good natured and so nice!) you shld google him!!! and he's canadian too!

  18. i googled half your boys!!! :) im so out of touch with celebrities!!!
    but george st pierre is scary!!!! he has such a fierce body!


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