Friday, November 19, 2010

shades of camel

its getting cold here. the last week dipped a little yet again and we're in single digits! if this is auntumn, i can't imagine winter... my co-workers have also commented that i wear A LOT of black suits. so i guess its time to jazz up the old suit collection a little! it's my off day today and i'm headed to the thinking of something neutral and in the family of browns..

how very chic and ladylike, love how she dressed up the camel coat with a patterned scarf and leggings are so cute!! and those little girls are so darn precious!!

happy friday, folks! xx

pictures from here.

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  1. i always think that brown is a super off colour cos it makes one, ANYONE, a walking tree. O.o
    i forbid klkl to wear his favourite brown shirt from springfield. =x


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