Wednesday, November 17, 2010

why i think everyone should work...

ok, thats just my view. so no haters please! its a personal preference because im absolutely not stay-home anything material. i get very antsy when there is no to-do list and goals to achieve. but here are some of the other perk in having a job:

1) new friends
2) extra ka-ching in the bank.
3) sense of purpose each day
4) new skills acquired & new challenges to conquer
5) reason to buy new clothes - suits in my case...
6) and the best part.... when you come home from work...

you have a hot husband slaving over the hot stove... yummo crepes!

chocolate syrup and condensed milk sauce for dipping..

these luscious strawberries..

not in picture is the hearty bolognaise pasta, flowers, beautifully set table and bottle of chianti. how lovely!! i was too famished to remember the camera!! but trust me, it was pure indulgence!!! :)

and work's great too! i got excellent feedback for my classes up to date so im feeling really pumped about keeping up with the performance! when i get used to the pacing & material in class, i plan to bring in more activities and new ideas to make my classes more interesting!! 

gambatte, zhing sensei!

and on the sewing front, i've whipped together a matching accessory set, consisting of a hankie, a drawstring pouch and matching chopstick sleeve, to match daniel's daily mento. (manly + bento = mento) nothing too haps to shout off the top of the world but the request was for something subtle and dark coloured..

happy hump day, folks! :)


  1. i think japan has got the yummiest strawberries!!

  2. gorgeous table setting! am too used to our assorted plates and cutlery on the table :P

  3. and best looking! each strawberry is perfect!

  4. mine's an assortment too! :) but these were our wedding gift from our maid of honour..


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