Tuesday, September 7, 2010

one month..

thats how long it has been since our wedding and my mom tells me funny things EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. drama that happened without my knowledge, compliments/complains, who wore what, pictures she received from someone's camera. the happiness in her eyes is worth every penny spent. it's precious.

its really fabulous how one little event/day brings so much joy & laughter! i think we'll have smiles on our faces for the rest of our lives when we think of our wedding. many thanks to our awesome photographer, i'll be starting recounting moments and sharing our pictures with you! (yayy!)

excessive as i am, this might take kinda long so im apologizing in advance. but im so excited to share with you guys. thanks for being so sweet and encouraging with all your comments!! i feel like i couldn't have done it without all of you too!

till tomorrow!!



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