Wednesday, September 8, 2010

wedding: our favors

i'll be very honest. im not a big fan of wedding favours.

i usually toss them out before the end of the night. (sorry hotels...) and very frankly, we knew there was nothing we could afford that each and every of our guest would appreciate. if we had all the resources in the world, i would pick out an special gift for each guest and gift-wrap them pretty. but daniel gave me a "you must be nuts!" look when i suggested that! so we had NOTHING to give our guests for a while...

until i chanced upon these cutie holographic glasses!!

aren't they super goofy on our guests? (hi, mr wallace & mr fujino!!)

internet rocks!! i thought it was my find of the century! :) we tore open the box excitedly together in the mall carpark and squealed like christmas came early. it was love at first sight!!

love is all around!! and made it all the more justified to have a million candles at our wedding! :)

i heart our homeys!! they're so silly like us!! :)



  1. oh! this is so cool! i would want to have it (if i hold wedding dinner)
    i feel you should get it, and perhaps if there are people who wanted this as well, you can rent it out and still get to "share" the costs!
    its soooooooo cool!!!
    hm.. if you are ordering, mind if i buy one from u? :p

  2. That's a really cool wedding favor *thumbs up*

  3. haha!!! :) don't be silly babe! email me your mailing address and i'll drop one snail-mail for you.
    actually i bought extras to mail to people that missed our weddings so im happy to share so lovin'!

  4. hello there! yes, its so retarded but good fun! :)
    and at the very least, didn't break the bank!

  5. x♥x♥
    thats very nice of you!

  6. these are SO cute.. i last saw them in disneyland! care to share where you got it?

  7. hi love,! :) planning for your first anniversary party already! :) :)
    i got it from here! (

  8. yeah!! i love them!! Just showed them to my colleagues and they were all amazed!

  9. teehee!!! :) did you do a demo for them in the office?? did it work?
    i gave one to a friend and the restaurant lights were too diffused to show much! :(

  10. not in office.. doesn't work with fluorescent lights.
    Brought it out during drinks where there were little hanging lights. Works superbly well!

  11. ya!! the restaurant i was in had floro lights too.. so we were quite disappointed!!
    thanks for letting us know bout the picture and tv program. quite funny to wake up to that!
    xxx i love you!!!

  12. Re: x♥x♥
    hi!! I rcvd the snail mail!! thanks u so much!
    I can rip the lighted heart picture from u and post on my blog? I want to
    credit u for being so nice!!

  13. Re: x♥x♥
    yayyyy!!! :) glad you got it!!!
    of course you can! :) thanks for asking!! xx


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