Saturday, September 4, 2010

weddings: the rehearsal dinner with no rehearsal.

you've seen our crazy rehearsal invites here! but truth is our rehearsal dinner had very little rehearsing but heaps of food. my mother in law, once again, outdid herself and came up with an entire kitchenful of yummy food. all we wanted was to celebrate our last "unmarried" evening with all our bridal party, splitting some pizzas, chicken and chips but someone brought delicious wine, and we had truckloads of beers and in the madness mum even whisked together a really delicious greek salad.

i'll let the random pictures do the talking!

my madly beautiful girls working on our escort cards.. most of them caught the overnight flight so how they are still awake at that hour, baffles me!

deaf, our maid of honour, hard at work.

love this picture of dad by nick.

we got the "hello! my name is..." sticker from USA. im a HUGE fan of it..

me looking a little nervous, clutching onto our 15 page itinerary and floorplan for dear life..

more bridal party pictures.. 
i obviously ganked all my pictures off their camera... (thanks, jay!)

we took a lot more pictures and i talked so much i lost my voice.. oops!!

but everyone met everyone. and made friends. its one of our best memories of our wedding weekend. it was so simple and casual but it got us mentally psyched for the wedding to come. it took the pressure off the next evening a little too because there was just simply not enough time to mingle at the wedding... we couldn't even handle out (100) i have no clue how people do (800) people banquets. madness!!

meanwhile, a little medical procedure in our guestroom. song had an infected wisdom tooth thing and it was bothering him so much he was grumpy like a bear.

good thing our bridal party was big enough to include a dental surgeon, a dental assistant and many supportive bystanders. 
but he was very brave boy and our bridesmaid, a very brilliant and young surgeon.

one proper serious one of the cheng and the allenders..

happy weekend, folks! 

we're headed to the east to chill out with our best pals, swim a little, order thai food in and enjoy our sake collection... so so excited! :) hope you have a blast too!! xx


  1. wow! lots of planning to be done huh!
    dun stress yourself too hard! you have so many friends to help you! so blessed! remember to remain calm at all times! looking forward your next post! :D

  2. Wah your dentist friend actually brought all her instruments along! That's well-prepared heheh. :)

  3. hahah really??? you're the first one in ages to say that. i used to get that a lot when im younger.. in recent years, it always like my mum!!! :) :) :)

  4. yeah! it was craziness. for anyone wanting to plan their own wedding, my advice is: don't do it!!! :)
    but yes, i was indeed very blessed and am so so lucky! :)

  5. hahah she had the heads up that dental surgery might be needed so she brought them, just in case!!! :) turned out useful.. hahaha..

  6. omg! your friend pulled out his teeth there and then o_O

  7. his teeth was already gone but he had a gum infection. so she dug things out and cleaned everything up...
    quite gross. i didn't dare to enter...


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