Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hello from your favorite bridezilla...

....most of my emails start with this one-liner these days. i feel like if I admit it, it makes it all ok!

just a couple weeks ago, we were going through old pikkies when we chanced upon our cousin’s wedding from 2 years back. pretty regular shot of the cake until my groom exclaimed “babe! I hope you have a plan for cake knife. I REALLY don’t wanna cut the cake with a STEAK KNIFE.” and you’d think he was just saying it in jest, but no, this dude was dead serious.

but since it was kinda his thing, we had him pick up a non-cheesy cake knife that he felt like he won't mind keeping. And added a touch of zhing with some ribbons and diamante. there you have it, our cake knife. (tough crowd, groomzilla!)
we just met up with our best man & best lady (his wife) and had a fabulous time visiting an old haunt of the boys. we're so very lucky to have many friends around us whom we both get along with! while me and molly bitched about terrible wedding providers, the boys had a good old natter over beers. wished we stayed near these folks more!

and to top off the gorgeous evening, i shamelessly scored a frilly cream pagoda umbrella to ward off the wedding rain! its so pretty i think we'll use it during our photoshoot as well.

of course, as pretty weather as possible, please!! :) everyone.. fingers crossed, now!!


  1. hehe.. it is exciting reading about people's journey towards the big day =)

  2. WoW... nice knife... n will have my fingers and toes crossed for u :)

  3. hahha!!! i pout like mad when what he had in mind was NOT the "mr and mrs" one from kate spade... but as i said, it was his kinda thing..! :)
    thanks so much babe! :)

  4. haha... its super exciting for me too! im making an effort to write everyday so i remember one day when im old!!
    i got email from my bridal party to tell me to stop yakking on my blog and start getting married already! Oooops!!!

  5. is that a tiffany necklace in the background or, just a string of silver beads? :P

  6. wow... very sharp eye! :) spot on too!


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