Wednesday, August 4, 2010

its all in the name...

of all the things im good at, punctuation and following recipes are not one of them.  

also one of my worst traits is my inability to remember where i parked. i reckon parking garages have earned a ton of $$ from me merely walking level to level looking for my car!! that and my less-than-swish driving skills. 

on our recent trip to USA, we were enjoying a cookout till pretty late at night when someone said “woah better get zhing back! she can’t drive in the dark..” completely embarrassing because it's the first time daniel realized that im not perfect!! anyway, this led to a heartfelt sharing session where we went around the table sharing “zhing = bad driving” stories. But I digress.

anyway, just the other day, we were at suntec after finding a spot in their labyrinth of a carpark. i was digging through my bag for a sharpie to write it on my hand. (yes, im classy like that.) but didn’t have it. so i was chanting:
“A for apple pie. A for Ampersand. A for Alligator. A for Alexander McQueen..”
and the husband, trying to be helpful, chipped in. “ A for our last name, dear..”
i turned around, held up a hand in his face and threw him a “you talking crazy” look and responded. “Urm... i don't think so, dear. Cheng starts with “C”.”
good thing he didn’t throw his E-ring back at me and thought it was funny. guess you really can’t take the “Cheng” outta this girl.


  1. hi zhiying! not sure if you remember me, but you may need to jog ur memory back to the nanyang days... this is mei'en, 1 year ur junior in dance... does it ring any bell?
    anyway, i somehow managed to track down ur blog and have been secretly reading this for a while (stalker!). so just wanted to wish you all the best for your wedding. i'm sure it'll be a BLAST! :)

  2. hahahaha D will be Daniel Cheng!! :D

  3. hahaha!! tho i must admit "donkey" came to mind first. but sure, daniel cheng!

  4. oh hi sweets!! i do remember you!!! of course!! you're such a cutie!!
    thanks for reading! no need to stalk! just say hi always! :) :) and thank you for your well wishes. im a little in the weeds with my prep! but its all gonna be alright!!!

  5. wahhahaha donkey!!
    Daniel Cheng has got a nice ring! ;p

  6. sounds like a movie star.
    i'll fly that idea by him after the wedding!

  7. you know like Daniel Wu? *winkz*


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