Tuesday, August 3, 2010

wedding week: we're in...

from here.

daniel and i are both having serious cases of cold feet. literally.

note to our wedding guests, please bring more winterwear to stay warm and toasty! its super cold.


  1. Sweetie, everything will fall into place. Just remember to enjoy every moment of it. I look forward to the lovely pictures when you are ready to share. Best wishes to you both! xx

  2. we will! :) i think its all the non-wedding related stress that has been taking a toll on us. i crashed on the couch for the entire day yesterday when we arrived!!
    *super hugs* thanks for your well wishes!! we are very blessed to have so many people rooting for us from all over the world!

  3. All the best!! Have loads of fun!! And I can't wait to see the pictures...of beautiful you and handsome Daniel...of the cutsey little DIY things you made...and of that wonderful venue...ahhh *still swooning*

  4. hahaha... thanks so much sweetie!!! :) :)
    we're super excited and have been swamped with last minute meetings and heaps of friends flying in! :) i think having our pals celebrate with us triumphs over my DIY crafts!!! wish i knew that earlier! :)

  5. thank you!!!!
    i think letting go is the best thing anyone has told me since the start of this week! definitely working on that!!! :) :) :)
    thank you so much for your wishes, dear! :) it means a lot to us. both of us!!


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