Friday, July 16, 2010

usa 2010: a walk in the (central) park

i've said it and will say it again. central park is my absolute favoritest place on earth. there is something charming about having a (articificiall created) park right smack in the middle of manhanttan, admist the concrete jungle, someone bright decided to plant a spot of sunshine!! brilliant!! did you know that Central Park is larger than the principality of Monaco? the next time i return to NYC, i will aim to visit in autumn!! i bet it would be gorgeous and filled with crunchy orange leaves!! how lovely!

here are some pictures from our afternoon there in the park.

chilling by the boat house daydreaming about how life would be on upper east side.

love boat.

me and my penchant for swishy summer dresses.

i wore my sparkley mum-made hairpiece..

our muffin of a host!! isn't he a cutie? he's still single!! AND he keeps a neat house AND cooks!!!

me and my muffin.

we came back later in the week for a romantic twilight picnic at strawberry fields. we sat barefoot on the sun-warmed grass and wriggled our toes in the soil, feasted on a ton of fresh cherries, delish salads and pink lemonade from whole foods. we baked a little, talked more about our upper east/west side loft (someday...) and watched cyclists, toddlers and boot-campers enjoy the park. and the sun set in gorgeous hues at 9pm. that moment was worth a million dollars.


  1. cheers to swishy summer dresses! i likey too...
    love the shot of u on the stairs..
    and great advertorial there...

  2. hahahaha! :) thanks babe!
    im almost never in pants. and serious clothes. my summer dress makes up the entire of my wardrobe!!

  3. awww....u two are soooo sweet and look soooo good together!
    Beautiful scenery too! *hearts* I wanna go to NYC again!!!

  4. ♥ the last photo! but uh! why is daniel soooo casually dressed?! :P its like you are in a nice cress!! albeit haivannas but its still a dress!

  5. hahaha.. its cos he is never in front of the camera. thats what he wears ALL the time. same colours, same style berms!!

  6. thanks hon! this zara dress is very flattering! :)

  7. thanks sweetheart!!!
    are you in school already??

  8. I love your dresses! I wish I had more!

  9. yes you should!!! :) dresses are girl's best friends! (and shoes. and diamonds!!!)

  10. not yet sweets. it'll be in sep. :)

  11. oooo!! good luck! bet you'll be the youngest looking (and most brilliant) student in class!!


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