Friday, July 16, 2010

house guests that rock your boat..

we LOVE when people visit. as much as we also appreciate our privacy, having people over just makes life more interesting. my folks flew in last wednesday and are spending the past week with me. i've been way more efficient, had yummier meals and struck a ton of to-dos off our wedding list! its ok to want them to stay forever when:

1) tells you your basil chicken beats the restaurant food hands down *beams*
2) your dad spends the afternoon helping you design your wedding menu.
3) mum hand cuts each and every menu
4) your brothers clean out your fridge and eats everything in sight!!
5) agrees to order in when you're too lazy to eat out. (read: terrible terrible hosts!!)
6) picks up scraps of your unwanted and put together this!!!

holy macaroni!!!! are you kidding me??? the fabrics is leftover corners from a dress i made, the clasp is from a vintage clutch i thrifted and the trim is from my chanel blazer. hand sewn while the boys were watching karate kid. all from absolutely nothing.

its official. my mum's crafting kicked my wedding crafts sorely in the butt.

p.s. she is making me new pillow shams from my discarded sweater!! awesome! wanna rent my mum for a day?


  1. That is so pretty, I m v envious. I wanna rent!! Haha

  2. wow.. that purse is awesome!
    this post makes me want my own sewing machine RIGHT NOW.

  3. she is super duper!!! she did all my home econs homework for me in nanyang...

  4. me too!!!! im gonna ask for one this birthday!! :)

  5. i asked for one a couple of birthdays ago and Kenny got me a toy weaving machine instead of a sewing machine -_- They is this shop at people's park that sells a mini one which i love... cos its small it takes less space!
    I'm was speechless when i saw it... i was like dude, i wanted to sew cloth together not weave a piece of cloth!!

  6. So cute! Your mommy can do more and sell them.

  7. HAHAHAHA!!!! :) thats hilarious!!
    i can't figure out what brand to get. if you do research, share with me ok??

  8. wahhh!!! i will tell my mum she will be so pleased to hear!

  9. wow this is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    let me know if you wanna sell this! ;)

  10. hahahaha!! i'll pass on the compliment!! :)


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