Friday, July 16, 2010

wedding crafts: kids menu

for our singaporean party, we have a bunch of superduper kids attending. and since they last rejected my fun game idea, i've been trying to think what would make the dinner SLIGHTLY more interesting for them!!

so i came up with this! :)

remember this from our primary school days!?

the outside works as a placecard..

then you get to a mini-quiz! :) care to give the questions a go?

left, clockwise: rock, two, john, ice-cream.

flip it open for the answers and your menu du jour!!

i LOVE the kids menu. you're gonna find me camping out with the little ones that evening! and feasting on their TWO scoops of ice cream. yummos!!


  1. how fun to be a kiddo at your wedding! :)

  2. hahaha my boss's response was "woah too free! need to give you more work!"

  3. yes.. recovering.. she just sent me a pirate eye picture. at least she still has a sense of humour!!
    but she still can't make it to australia! i totally understand and recovery is priority but its still super bad timing la...

  4. her health more important mah, right? *patss*

  5. definitely!!!! just thankful she is on the mend.

  6. i love it too!! wanted to make this for ALL the adults alike. but maybe a 10 course chinese banquet squeeze into a cootie catcher might not be that appropriate afterall!! :)


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