Thursday, June 17, 2010

more wedding goodies: escort cards

i have insomnia.

i think it might be the chai tea latte i had earlier in the evening. at the end of my frothy chai tea latte, i asked the boy "so.. do you think there is caffeine in chai tea latte?", "urm.. i dunno. presumably a little..." and that was it. in split seconds he corrected himself "actually no, munchkin. its all HERBS! like YUMMY THINGS! like hot chocolate!!! " but i was done in. my psyche is my strongest muscle. works in my favor mostly because im mostly a positive and charmingly competitive person. so if i think i can do it, i will succeed. but in fussy situations like that, not helpful. so im up and awake and bright as a penny.

so i'll write about escort cards. if you belong to the camp that has no clue what a escort card is... lucky you!!! life would definitely be easier if i didn't know what it is!!

but for the uninitiated and interested, escort cards are cards to show guests to the table. serves the same purpose as saying "hello, mr tanaka. your table is _____" but not to be mistaken as a place card. some people use both of it interchangeably but actually they are two different things!!!

escort card: these are little cards/tags your guests pick up during the cocktail hour or as they enter the reception room. the cards are arranged in alphabetical order so they are easy for your guests to find. the escort cards have your guests' name on it and their table number/name.

place card: these are usually used for more formal events. or events with choice of menu provided to guest at RSVP. these are cards indicate which "place" they should take. It will have their name on it and their choice of entree for easy identification by wait-staff.

but since we already know that im excessive by nature, i needed both. place cards because im a control freak and i definitely NOT want daniel's 30 yo mates hitting on my super cute 12 yo godsister or my married bridesmaids. and secondly cos there is no such thing as too many candles at a wedding.

BUT i definitely recommend escort cards because if your guests is half as forgetful or chatty as i am, they'll appreciate a little reminder. this is also another chance to work on your theming. for a summer party, your escort card can be an apple with a tag or rock placecards for a more natural theme OR if you have extremely good taste and a lot of time on your hands, you can have personalized buttons as escort cards. *MAJOR MAJOR POUT*

but you pick your battles, ladies.

so i threw that one to daniel. boy did he try hard! he suggested an A4 board with names and urm... table numbers (boring!) or pebbles (to signify a "rocky" start to our marriage?) or neon race-day wrist bands (srsly, DUDE!!!).. i was being really negative and pouty. and he gave up and announce we were just having plain ole white cardstock tent place cards. c'est tout.

i grabbed a few scraps and put together a mock-up. and we both like it. (of course, liking is relative. i still think buttons are kick-ass BUT picking my battles here.) i dug out left-overs from our invites, cut up (100) 3 x 4" squares and added a touch of pink to it.

then daniel took over and did the hard work.

it incorporated something we absolutely LOVE. both of us, pre-dating, had personalized wax seals made. what made us think we'll have pals to write quaint old-fashioned love notes to, i don't know. but we did.

as things goes, judybob made us our first couple wax stamp as an engagement gift! you can't tell cos of my lousy pictures but the detail is impeccable!!! :) thanks babeeee!!! :)

all laid out to dry. each unique and imperfect.

but the secret is in the gun!

if you've a fan of wax seals, one of the worst things is the fuss of lighting the drippy candle. that and the exorbident cost of the wax strip. each candle stamping at most (8) costs a hefty $4, found in specialty stores and usually in a set of gold, silver and red ($12). just didn't cut it. thats $50 just on the wax.

so i got creative, found some black glue gun strips in the market for $1 each and bought big!! :) granted we had to buy a separate glue gun for it because the black goofs up the gunk of the regular gluegun. but at $5 it was worth every penny! im sure we'll seal everything from today onwards with our nifty glue gun! :)

(100) super neat placecards - check!

and my eyes still WIDE open.
great stuff.


  1. Oh my... thanks for the suggestions you gave for the summer party love... i shall shamelessly think you had me in mind when you wrote it :)
    Gosh you know other than the embosser, i saw these wax stamps as well at the same shop and that was the same time i had to will myself to leave the shop!! AND YOU GOT BOTH! le sigh... how i wish i got them too... but its so cRaZy expensive...
    I was quite keen to do these escot cards and placecards as well, but getting the full names of everyone is such a pain.. i don't even dare to get there... So its free seating and guest allocated to sections for me.
    We got a chinese stamp with our chinese names on it in Beijing and i'm quite keen to use it somewhere... just haven't been able to think of where i can use it on...

  2. i'd definitely do pebbles if i didn't have to fly them into australia. i already made plans but daniel said "no". *sigh*
    YES!!!! i got wax seals, embossers AND rubber stamps. excessive. but i kept telling myself these things are for a lifetime. kinda like the wedding rings. an investment! :) haha!!
    i like free seating. unfortunately, my guest don't all play nice.. so have to be careful who sits where!!! :) :)
    i had those chinese stamps when i was little!! those jade ones right??? they're cute too!

  3. how come you have all the awesome fun stuffs like wax seal, glue gun and embosser?!?!?!?!?! ;p

  4. but i don't have letterpressed coasters, flipflops and colour table linen. *pout*
    haha! :)

  5. wheeeeee glue guns are the way to go!!!

  6. daniel calls it my BFF! :)
    p.s. i received an awesome invitation in the mail today! :) i'll be there. as deaf's date. but daniel will be there as mine!! does it make sense?

  7. gosh where did you get all your crafty tools from?? i'm liking the glue gun alot... ;)

  8. wahahahahaha dun over-do things babe!

  9. hahahaha!!! :) best invention ever!! im such a big fan of the glue gun!! :)
    i got this one in cambodia but most of the time, i get them from spotlight or art friend.

  10. whaaa!!!
    Me happy that you love it!! And the glue gun! wish I have thought of it for mine...thinking of those days waiting for it to melt with a candle @.@. hehe

  11. Re: whaaa!!!
    hahaha!!! :) want one?? :)


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