Thursday, June 17, 2010

midweek musings

this made me smile this morning! (i don't hate comic sans.. but it has been a while since i used it!)

our home has been filled with so much wedding buzz recently! we've been guilty of having really quick & unhealthy meals in between updating the guest list and assembling the invitation suite. out came the order in menu, pizzas, chips and fizzy drinks. i might be extra sensitive but i can see my thighs expanding!!

so today, i went to the market and bought a whole basket of fresh meat, greenies and fruits to fill the fridge and whisked up grandma soysauce pork, stirfry veg and cut mangoes for lunch. hmm.. just what we needed!! :)

p.s. did anyone get caught in town today? i've seen some really shocking flood pictures of orchard road & massimo dutti!


  1. ooh you are back home again! :)

  2. tomorrow! :) i fly in tomorrow! :)
    i have a wedding this weekend!! :)

  3. nevermind Massimo Dutti, what's next to that?
    *cries for water logged kellys and birkins*

  4. maybe hopefully someone smart moved their stuff to their second level!!!
    otherwise i guess its major discounts for water-logged birkins! :)

  5. I was in orchard road in the morning of my bday! Was nice and dry, but yes! I saw the flood.. Not the entire extent of it though.

  6. did you take a day off to celebrate??
    i wish i saw it with my own eyes! it would be kinda fun!!!


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