Monday, June 21, 2010

monday obsessions: photobooth

hi loves, hope everyone had a productive weekend!! i've been very busy with my clients' wedding, sending our invitations, catching up with my girls for a quick movie date and seeing apartments. kinda insane. left both of us mumbling incoherently about needing to slow things down and cut down on our commitments. urm.. cut down on what though? they all seems equally important in our lives.. decisions decisions...

in our bid to not leave things till the last minute, we're trying to sort out as many details as possible before we leave for USA. so help us decide which one to pick!!!

i love love this idea. my #1 choice cos its super cute. but my booth is 2-d and to go around asking for relatives' wedding pictures sounds like too much work now.

i like this! but is it too simple? and not appropriate for group shots?

the typical fabric covered booth. but with a little bunting / garland up top?

this one gets most votes so far. it matches out theme and i don't hate the prints too much. but what should it say "just married" or remind them that its the "wedding of daniel & zhiying" or maybe "this is for you, mum!" would be most appropriate. or like a love quote? i wish i was saavy enough to put voting buttons!

but thats another thing to tackle in the near future! :) so help! vote away, peeps! :)


  1. I like the first one... prob put the photos of you guys instead?
    (2) Yes, too plain
    (3) Love the 'Plucker Up' banner. You'll get shots of kisses from everyone :)
    (4) Love the design. Prob not 'Just Married' cos like very strange for others to stand in front of a 'Just Married' sign.

  2. hi gal! the last one will be really good for group pictures. U can have some props lying around for the guests to pose along with!

  3. last one, but put your embossed design + the wedding date on the banner?? =)

  4. last one.. maybe the line "i made it here..."?
    i second the props suggestion. u can leave your moustaches, huge spectacles, etc..

  5. thanks babe!!! :) good idea n the putting our picture. we can age it to look like its a wall in our (non-existent) house.
    thanks heaps!!! :)

  6. YES!! great idea. we already started saving wigs, funny eyeglasses and chalkboards for the props! :) great fun!

  7. done! :) the props have been sorted out. my mum opened her wardrobe and it was like a costume shop! haha!
    how about "happily ever after"? its for the sg wedding!

  8. great idea to use our embossed design. tho that has not made it in many elements in the singapore wedding... its more for the aussie one! :)

  9. O_O how many weddings do you have babe??

  10. haha its fun lah, but too much work for 2 days' events~~

  11. urm.. tell me about it.
    its ridiculous trying to plan two wedding from a third country.


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