Monday, June 14, 2010

hens & bucks = BUNS!

x'cuse me if this is a little controversial but im really not big on hen's night and buck's night. i've kept this to myself mostly because i don't wanna be a damper and seem like a prude. and just in case the fiance decides to hire a stretch limo, don chippendale outfits and paint the town red with his boys, i wanna say "have a blast, hon! tip well!" or something cool like that. but truth is, im just not keen on the typical last-singles night out activities prolly for the following reason:

1) a good night out, at my age, does NOT consist of night-long bar hops, holding anyone's hair back while she throws up and nursing a hangover. way.too.old.

2) marriage should not change you or make you more boring! if you wanna enjoy a girls night out dancing, you should still be given that liberty to do so after you become a Mrs. and if you dream of hiring a stripper with your boys (or worse...), for the love of god, please please please don't marry me.

3) i think both of you should come willingly and happily into marriage. if there are any unresolved desires to do the nasty/make out with anyone else at all, please do it wayyy before you put a ring on it.

4) i hate crowds. and im completely outnumbered by 15 very smart and strong-willed bridesmaids. 'nuff said.

Buckle up, mates! A long long rant that ends a little sappy...

So i was elated when Daniel cozied up one night and told me that he too is not looking forward to his bucks. Maybe it was influenced by the story we just heard from a friend where a group of self-respecting men went for a camping trip and ended up in buck-naked jumping out of the bush. Or quite possibly it could have been the argument his grooms-chickies had about whether to hire a male or female stripper. i silently gave myself a pat on the back for encouraging him to have females in his bridal party!!!

Anyway, we came together and devised an excellent plan to merge the hens and bucks into a combined party to celebrate, like a BUNS night! and because most of our bridal party is flying in on the red eye on the day of rehearsal dinner, we thought of a brilliant plan! we were gonna all sit, in a civilized manner, in ah-ma's favorite dim sum joint in melbourne and have a nice brunch and call it our BUNS! get it? as in char siew BUN, sweet yam BAU, po lo BUN!! YUMS!!! getit?? :) haha its so cheesy and so perfect cos we're such dimsum bunnies. so darn cool! *hi fives all round*

So we though. But there is not a single person in both our bridal parties that approved of it. even my 12yo cousin wanted some "action". and instead, we created a monster out of them. out came the strip dancing and boozing plans again. defeated, we hung out head low, pouted a little, doubted our choice in bridal party a little and mostly mourn a little that we were really lame and uncool. but decided that if we both not talk about it, they'll let it rest, roll up at the rehearsal dinner, jet lagged and completely forget about it.

Just today, i received an email from the sweetest of all friends. not only did they respect my views on the traditional hen's activities, all they wanted was a date with me. and best part is, i get to choose one of the following:

1) Universal Studios at Sentosa and a nice spa in the late afternoon to soothe the aches!

2) A champagne buffet, and a carrieokay sess at K Suites after!

3) A room at this lovely new boutique hotel called The Club Hotel at Ann Siang! They'll spend the day with you by the pool etc, and at night, it'll be for us two!

SO SPOILT RIGHT!!!! But, sure sounds suspiciously like a hen's party to me, disguised as a girly date!!! even then, its so well thought of and swell. it incorporate only my favorite things in life: theme parks, food, boutique hotel, kara-ok, spas, small parties and most of all, my girls. And then i bawled in front of my gmail. I mean seriously the bomb right? what did i do to deserve such awesome friends like that? i mean, even as i type, i tear up non-stop. so G-D hormonal... seriously. and that my friends, is how i caved in to my own pseudo-hen's celebrations.

poor daniel is still keeping a low-profile cos his groom-chicks are all A-type lawyers so he'll totally have no ground if they start insisting that he struts down Brunswick in nothing more than a miniskirt and fish nets!! but he agrees that any of the suggestions above would be a perfect way to kick-start our wedding celebrations.

now big question is... which one do i pick???


  1. I agree! I hate alcohol, don't believe there're any decent male stripper out there and those silly dares are just stupid!
    Thank God Matt told me his ideal buck's night (or rather, day) is playing golf with his mates. Hahaha, boring is good!

  2. so true! there are more wedding traditions i don't agree with.

  3. yeah!! golf is so civilized! :) :)
    oops i realized my LJ cut completely failed last night!! im hopeless in this blogging thing!

  4. really?? pray tell!!
    the one i REALLY am against is truly the chinese "guo da li" and "pin jin" (dowry) one.. but to avoid an impending world war, we sucked it up and did it anyway.

  5. oh girl, i hear you, i dont like the idea of a hens night too.

  6. i don't know - maybe it's an american thing but i really dislike it when people open up gifts in front of everybody! (for bridal parties, baby showers, etc). i've been invited to enough of these parties that it gets really boring sitting there ooohing and aahing everything!
    for a bachelorette thing, i would prefer just a day at the spa with a girlfriends and enjoying each other's company instead of getting hammered and having to go on a scavenger hunt. totally agree on all your points with that!

  7. YEAH!!!!! i don't like that practice too! and when im the one gifted upon, i really don't know what to say about some gifts! :) like "awww... thats a pretty wok!!"
    hahaha! :)

  8. oh man! i was so worried when i wrote about this! i thought i'd be the only one! and will get beaten up/verbally abused by everyone for being such a prude!!! :) :)

  9. Haha... just last night, my girlfriend was asking if i wanted to go gotham penthouse. Not even sure if its still there!
    But i picked a nice meal of fillet o fish and hot fudge sundae at macs to just chill and catch up :)

  10. Universal Studios - You can get to yell your lungs out, pretend you are a kid for a day and then get to spoil yourself at the spa. Best of both worlds, me thinks.
    Add girlfriends to that equation and you get a mad fun day! I wish I was getting married, I'm darn sick of the damn bunches/hi-tea.

  11. i like that option too. and i also realized that they suggested that one for me. they hate the sun/heat/kids respectively!! i think i'd be the only one on ride!! :) hahaha!! :)
    you do't have to get married to do fun things like that!! :) just gather your troops and do it one weekend! :)

  12. what IS the gotham penthouse!? i have images of a haunted house and playboy bunnies swinging outta windows! :)
    oh man.. fillet o fish and hot fudge sundae. i could totally do that now...

  13. I don't get hens/bucks night too. You are definitely not alone. Yay for cool friends :)

  14. read your gratitude post and thought, "oh man! i have so so much to give thanks for!" :)
    these girlfriends are definitely top of my list!!
    p.s. im headed to NYC soon!! :) im so excited that i might see some of the cool things you wrote about!!

  15. I'm so excited for you!!! I have no doubt you'll have fun. Go to your favourite place in the whole wide world and take lots of pics!

  16. hahhaa i would have like a spa as a hen's nite. or just chilling out at home with girly flicks.. (just an excuse for a girl's nite out)

  17. klkl & i arent doing hen/buck night too! think we are all gathering our friends for a massive cookyn class! ;)
    all 3 options are fantastic choices!! soooo hard to pick!
    hmm! i think i'll go with #2!!

  18. haha! that's an awesome idea! :) :) :) i like it! :)
    its a good thing i guess that its hard to pick! :) im loving the kara-ok bit in that one! :) i can only imagine us hoarding the mikes just like a good ole days!

  19. you should know its SOOOOOO much more fun to go ktv-ing now!! there are all sorts of musical instruments in the room!!

  20. yeah!! im with you! a spa treat would be so indulgent and fun! :)

  21. seriously? i have not been in one of those ktv-s yet!!! does k-suites have it?

  22. i dunno leh! you can ask your girlies?

  23. You know what, i haven't been there before too.. but i heard its like you described.. except its male bunnies trotting around in skimpy clothes : )

  24. SERIOUSLY!? haha i know i wont be spending my hen's there but if you go, can you pretty please take some humsup pictures for me!?!? :)


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