Friday, June 11, 2010

wedding dress code - decoded!

so i've been receiving a few email about dresscode. well, mostly my own wedding guests who know that i have firm views about dresscode and are too kind and would like to avoid crossing me on our wedding day. prior to setting the dresscode, i did some research so here goes!

its my party and i'll dance if i want to...

White Tie/Ultra Formal
    • Women – formal, floor length evening gown.
    • Men – black tailcoat and matching pants, white stiff front shirt, white vest, white bow tie, white or grey gloves, black patent shoes, black socks.
Black Tie

  • Women – formal, floor length evening gown or short dressy cocktail dress.
  • Men – black tux and pants, formal white shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund or vest that matches tie, optional suspenders, black patent shoes, black socks.
Black Tie Optional / Formal **** (THIS IS US!!)

  • Women – formal, floor length evening gown, short dressy cocktail dress or dressy separates.
  • Men – black tux (as described in Black Tie) or dark suit, white shirt and conservative tie.
Cocktail Attire

  • Women – short afternoon dress, short cocktail dress or long dressy skirt and top.
  • Men – dark business suit, matching vest, white shirt, conservative tie, dressy shoes and dress socks.
Semiformal – Similar to cocktail attire.

but no offence to most singaporeans, i intensely dislike shirt and pants, no tie combi at formal weddings. i know thats the done deal in singapore but you look like you just ended a hard days' work and can't be arse to put on a tie. similarly i frown at girls who look like they just rolled out of bed with untamed curls. that and the flip-flop wearing, tee-shirt and jeans combi, hot-pants with thigh-high boots and mini skirt looking like a hoochie-mama. don't laugh, i've seen all that. unless its outdoor or at a beach or the dress code specifically says "dress like a hooker", then leave the stripper-garb for the after-party!

and seriously, whats with the "oh! i can't wear that, i won't want people to mistake me for the bride! i'll just wear my clogs and teeshirt instead.." unless you're in a white dress with a poofy train and veil, highly unlikely! plus i think its a real compliment when guests bother to dress up for your wedding!! like a year ago, my mum & her best friends have already sent memos announcing they are dressing up to the nines! they're in competition for the best dressed and watch out, young girls out there! if you don't wanna be upstaged by a bunch of aunties, then dress UP!! they're hilarious and all such darlings! it has been such a journey talking them through their dresses, what matches the venue, themes and options! and for the record, some of them have multiple dress changes for our weddings already! its like an adventure for everyone! i love it! :)

think something classy and elegant!

oh! our most most formally dressed male guest is coming in a white tux! and no, thats not the groom! :)

in lieu of bow ties, if they're not your thang, i don't mind you coming like this! :) i mean the suit and tie combi. but if you'd like to come as rpattz, i might sit on your lap all night! :) :)

note to my wedding guests:  i have a bunch of bowties specially ordered for you men!! so drop me a note if you'd like me to reserve/mail one to you.

i really enjoyed this article about dress code, esp the part about wedding of an ex and wearing black! :) halarious read!!!


  1. I agree on the part that Singaporeans tend to be too sloppy for a wedding. Once, someone wore jeans and a windbreaker! So disrespectful! B.T has attended a few weddings with me here and has commented that he is sometimes even more dressed up than the groom - he wears a 3 piece suit.

  2. I think its a tough call to get anyone to come to weddings to a suit in SG given the heat... I'll be happy if they don't come in PJs :)
    And i've said the theme is Summer and come in summer frocks for the girls... lets hope what they come in what i have in mind...

  3. jeans and windbreaker!?! gosh! i would be appalled!!!!
    wow! B.T takes it up another notch. Daniel usually goes with suit and tie or suit and bow-tie.. and if he feels out of place, he will lose the tie later in the evening!

  4. outdoors is a different story man! :) :) i totally understand why people won't wear suit in the singaporean heat!!! :)
    yeah! theme is another one that NO ONE pays attention to! i can count the number of time we've turned up in full gear only to realized that we're the only one dressed to the theme. us and the wait-staff.. xian...

  5. Gah! This post is so spot on. Singaporeans get my goat too when it comes to dressing for weddings. What is wrong with dressing up a lil for a special day?
    (Well... if I ever get wed again (to the same man, of course!) I'll state that in my invite that the gals come in pretty gowns and the men in suits!! =) )

  6. *teehee* got your goat! :) haha! :)
    yeah, i was close to writing "dresscode: gowns and full suits only" but it messed up my alignment of the invite! :) haha!!

  7. 1. I'm zigactly like you in that I specify dress codes even for my birthday parties, and every year people love them! Men in suits, ladies in frocks!
    2. Ohhhh, the Singapore wedding attire. I'm Singaporean and last year nearly had a stroke when my partner and I got all gala-ed up for a gf's wedding at Ritz Carlton and saw that 50% of the guests didn't even have cocktail or semi-formal attire on! FAIL!

  8. hahaha! im glad im not the only one with this obsession!! but for real, do you really need to go through such lengths before people wear something decent for a nice dinner party? *roll eyes* not like its a HDB void deck wedding, y'know?

  9. I love weddings too! :)
    Actually some couples are not so superstitious about wearing black nowadays. But just check with the couple & their family beforehand.


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