Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wedding crafts: a throw bouquet

woah! firstly, i do apologize to the people who don't wake up every morning and bounce awake to see which wedding craft i've been working on. i know its excessive but i've been greatly inspired after a long lull. im sure i'll hit a wedding plateau soon! plus daniel, my friends and even my domestic helper in cambodia is completely over my wedding craziness and can't wait for me to shut up. so i guess this is only outlet...

a few days ago, we decided that im going to "toss the bouquet" but not THE bouquet as in my bouquet. and i was very keen to work on removing things off my to-do not add to my list, so i consulted my all-time favorite wedding planning tool - the internet for some answers!

so elegant and neat.

roses! doesn't it look so so real?!

followed this tutorial and made myself a flower. not so impressive..

i grabbed a few sheets of kleenex and made some mini-poms!! it was fluffy and perfectly shaped!

*** its brand new unused tissue paper fresh from the box/roll. its not unsanitary at all! :)

pulled together a little mixed bouquet of crepe paper, toilet paper and the wire daniel uses to fix our bicycles!!

then smoothened out the pokey wire bits with a length of recycled tee-shirt, strips of lace, a few crystal and viola!! a throw-away bouquet! its better than a regular flower bouquet cos its super soft (think toilet paper soft) and it keeps forever. I'm also tucking a surprise message in there for whoever catches it. :) i guess you'll have to catch it to find out!! :)

i think i like it enough to wanna just use this as my own bouquet.

breakdown of cost:
crepe paper - $1.40
wire - $0.50
toilet paper - N.A.
other bits and bobs - N.A.
Total cost for my throwaway bouquet - $1.90!! :)

score! :) and for being such a diligent and prudent wife/wedding planner. *ahem* daniel is taking all the savings and splurging on a pre-wedding-moon to NYC! yayyyy!!!! my favorite place on earth :) we're leaving at the end of the month for 3 weeks of shopping and pure silly fun and will pop down to Virginia for a wedding and to celebrate July 4th with my pals, fireworks and all! :)

boy! i can't wait!!


  1. your paper bouquet is sooo pretty! so pretty that I won't bear to throw it as well. ;)

  2. lovely lovely!
    hey zhiying,
    it's really a lovely bouquet. so considerate to use soft materials, it'll be really funny to see the water splash out from the bouquet if it's fresh flowers.
    i like this idea. when it's my wedding, could you help me do a red themed one? hee...
    so excited for you, but have to celebrate from afar...
    lots of love, ah fenz.

  3. Re: lovely lovely!
    YES OF COUSE!!. definitely will make you a scarlet and rich rose one for your wedding!!! :) :)
    SEND IN YOUR RSVP!!! :) with a love note! im using your silver ribbon from the gift in my wedding. either my bouquet or my bridal table. so you'll be near me on my wedding day!!! :)

  4. you're too kind! :) just my humble attemps! :)
    don't give me ideas! I'll really have to throw and give away this bouquet! can't keep everything for myself! :)

  5. you are really crafty and i love following your lj for all the very creative and sweet handicrafts. =)

  6. OMG!! your bouquet looks gorgeous!! much much better than my pathatic attempt... which lead to the decision to just bundle up mini roses : )

  7. awww thanks babe! im sure you're just being extremely crticial of your own! :)
    its not perfect but its good enough for the effort and price! i just wonder if the guests will feel gross fighting over a toilet paper bouquet!!!

  8. awww thanks love! :)
    i really have fun with all these handicraft! i hope i'll still have plenty clients/opportunities to work on these after my own wedding! :)

    ok thats it! im engaging you to do up my flowers and the crafts next time! =)

  10. hahaha thanks babe! :)
    too much time on my hands, obviously! :)

  11. awww. thanks for your vote of confidence! :)

  12. okie. here's the deal!!
    if not one catches it, i will pick it up, pout a little and pack it back in the box for you! :) i made a pretty little box for it today!! :)

  13. I enjoy reading all your entries! and I think it's such a brilliant idea to put that lil message in the flowers! Now, why didn't anyone think of that!

  14. haha! thanks for your vote of confidence. i've been getting a little crap from some really unnice people. i mean, if you hate it, don't read, right! :)
    anywhos, happy thoughts! :)
    im pulling all stops so my poor bouquet won't end up lying on the floor unloved!!!!

  15. don't worry bout' it babe.. i'm sure someone will :)
    Have trust in your hero who has vowed to save your bouquet :)

  16. Heya, pple will always leave unnice comments cos they're either jealous or unhappy with their lives!! lol, that's why I always believe ;P
    Love your crafty posts, always a pleasure to read! :)

  17. thanks hon! :) and for the kind words!!!


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