Monday, April 12, 2010

its not always about the sparkles....


i spotted this cutie in swarovski with mum. and the best part is, in the half open shell, lies a perfect gleaming white pearl!! soooper dooper cute and at a very affordable price of SGD$169!! 
but not meant to be cos of my ultra skinny fingers. doesn't stop me from trying though!! 
just so you know...
i've been cracking my fingers a million times a day ever since.

meanwhile, my weekend was lovely! perfect way to round up our little stay in singapore. it was just the right mix of lovely friends, family, great food, salty fries and errands. we've also opened a WHOLE can of worms as we finally sat down and flipped through the weekend classifieds in search for property in singapore. whoever told you when you were little that you'd once day grow up, get a job, get married and buy a house and car is on CRACK!!! 

we are definitely grown up, have two jobs, getting married and worked so hard we hardly have time to breathe and with a bank account that is absolutely nowhere near the price of a house. and we're talking just downpayment.. its insanity...
but as mentioned, it just the tip of the iceberg but it was a damn freakin' scary tip.

so we humbly retreat back to cambodia to eat cup noodles. peace out! :) 


  1. ahhhh i saw your post AFTER my little trip back from ION!! else i could swing into S and try the cutesy ring too! :D

  2. i wanted a swarovski too.
    know what? my fingers can't fit into even the 'large' ring because my fingers are too plump. i wondered if i cracked them a little too much when i was younger. anyway, i've become more "prosperous" to afford one but it seems like swarovski has her own standards...- discouraged ah fenz

  3. check out their under the sea collection! (i think they have cooler sounding names!) but they're not the typical swarovski "BLING" style! quite cute!!!

  4. "so we humbly retreat back to cambodia to eat cup noodles."
    LOL... that was funny!! Yeah, I think private property prices are quite inflated at the moment!

  5. Re: i wanted a swarovski too.
    i know! sucks!! :( boohoo.. just the average between the two of us would work just fine!!! -_-
    miss you hon! :)

  6. its hilarious on hindsight. but pretty much the truth!

  7. ok will go check it out! thanks for the heads up babe!

  8. wow... another property in Singgers? Thought you guys just got 1 in aussieland? The road to getting our little pigeonhole here was quite the rollarcoaster ride... buckle up and prepare for the ride if you guys are going to get something here :)

  9. yeah.. we do. and painfully paying off the mortage on that one too....
    but we thought we better try to figure out a more permanent home in singapore. my parents are getting sick of us always around, i think!! and thought we could maybe use that as an investment property if we're not around. maybe it would give us one more reason to come back too! :)
    its quite a daunting task, eh? how did you do it! i just started looking at property website. and OMG, insanity.

  10. was our best friend that time :)
    And after countless encounters with terrible agents, we were blessed with a really nice agent who was just the greatest. She literally planned out nicely for us 5-6 units to view each weekend. It went on for a good many weekends till she finally found the right match for us. I can pass you her contact if you need.

  11. yes please!! :)
    oh yea, i've gotten nicely acquainted with propertyguru. i spent the whole of last night obsessing over him. it was the same enthusiasm when i first got engaged and decided i will plan my own wedding! haha! :)

  12. She is Wendy and her number is 98555801 :)
    She is very experienced and very patient cos we were super fussy about the kind of place we wanted. But she was nice all the way through... i'm sure she'll be able to help u find something...

  13. yayy! :) great thanks heaps babe! :)

  14. i'm not even going anywhere near that tip.
    we'll just hideaway in our renting bubble meanwhile...

  15. rental is great. but i hate not being able to put pictures on the wall. or paint a door yellow. or buy HEAPS of things to decorate..
    and daniel has nesting instincts.. hahaha.. i had a huge chuckle over his loud proclaimation just the other day.


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