Saturday, April 10, 2010

my crafts: wedding wands

so if the weather on our wedding day does not miraculously turn warm and toasty (which is very unlikely cos we're getting wedded in the middle of winter), we'll scratch the garden ceremony and hold the ceremony on the dance floor. fortunately, nothing much changes because the staff will turnaround the dance floor during cocktail hour so we'll have our intricate parquetry dancefloor back in time for dinner.

but in our bid to have a wedding that everyone will have a great time, that includes the staff and vendors that we work with. so i had to bin my initial dreams of having luscious rose petals showers on us!! im a huge huge believer in dramatic recessionals!! it so joyous and makes for excellent pictures!! but if there's a will, there's a way! some other ideas for confetti toss were: rice, lavender (hmmm!! nice!), freezedried flowers but nothing was neat and fast to clean up until i chanced upon wedding wands! excellent for our purposes!

"wedding WHAT?" says daniel

looks simple enough to DIY right??

and it was! here's what you need to make (100) wedding wands

(100) 1/4 or 1/2 inch dowels from craft shops
coordinated coloured ribbons cut into 12 - 14 inches
hot glue gun (optional)
assorted embellishment (optional)

seriously a no brainer!! we made it while watching CSI one evening at home. but cos home is in a 3rd world country and to ask for dowel would be as insane as asking for a REAL prada purse so we got creative and bought a bunch of disposable chopsticks for $0.70 (!), sand papered it down to prevent splinters and viola! DIY dowels! :) prep the dowel as you like. some would paint it to your wedding shade, or wrap it in ribbon but nada for me! au naturel! :)

then mass cut the ribbons into long strips. i found any ribbon thicker than 1/2 inch to be too heavy. i like to cut my ribbon ends diagonally at a slight angle. then hot glue gun it to the tip of the wands. hot glue gun is my bff! its great for every craft. using a loop knot to secure gives it an organic look!

i found these cute paper roses in the market for real cheap so i added it to a few

and a bunch of little bells from chatuchuk market!! then there'll be "bells-a-ringing"!!!

a neat little bunch of cute things!!

style it in a tin bucket or in our case, an empty salsa jar all pimped up for the wedding! ripped off label and covered it with a broad length of lace. hot glue to secure and pour a bed of peals as a base to holds the wands up

viola! we have instant wedding wands! :)

note to wedding guests: please wave them JOYFULLY at us!! :) it works better when its not lashing on our faces. and yes, it hurts big time. tried and tested.


  1. You are so creative my dear. Too bad my wedding is long over or else i shall certainly engage your service :) I'm sure yours is gonna be so beautiful and fun.

  2. impressed!
    your wedding def sounds like one not to be missed.
    I will know my sch timetable by jul.. hopefully can go, cos i dun mind a break. hahaha

  3. NIFTY!!
    and ha! i saw 'my name'!! :P

  4. I'm in a crazy crafty mood so I might do this. I got another wedding wand instruction post archived in my blog reader for the longest time.
    and oh, I've got TONNES of those paper flowers left over from my wedding. like 5 years ago. *hides face*

  5. yes mdm! :) you're everywhere! :)

  6. thanks babe! hows yours going? :)

  7. YAYYYY! :) with baby zach??? hmm.. miss his hair! :)

  8. hahaha! :) you can still have little anniversary wands or birthday wands for other celebrations! :)
    tell me when you do and i'll think of cute things for you!!!
    zhing xx

  9. it is!! :) and super fun!
    let me know if you want confetti cones for your wedding. me and deaf and work on it! :) she'll be busy but i can help you with stuff!!

  10. do itttt!! :) its SUPER easy and fun!!
    i can't wait to see your creative touch on wedding crafts! share if you do it ok? im hiding my stash of wedding leftovers away from daniel. i think he will faint if he tumbles upon my hidden stacks of "rejected" wedding ideas and crafts!

  11. haha is that your theme??????????????????? =)

  12. little things are falling into place, keeping fingers crossed :)

  13. hahah nah, its not but i have a few empty boxes lying around so im utilizing to hold & store some wedding stuff! :)

  14. i seeeeeeeeeeee.
    wahlaos you & klkl can be the best of friends! he keeps all these boxes from LV too! O.o

  15. its great quality boxes that i can wrap up as gift boxes! :) i love re-using stuff for crafts! :) don't waste!!!

  16. if only they are water-proof as well!

  17. preeeetty! and what a great idea!!

  18. yeah!! and super easy! :) hope some of the ideas help with planning shirley's!

  19. wow... cute... and thats like a whole load of wands you'll have to do!

  20. we only have slightly over (100) guests and half of them are bridal party and men so i made (70)! not too bad!! :) :) :)
    can't imagine how many hours i'll have to be tying ribbons if i had (800) guests... *faints*

  21. 70 is A LOT!!!
    I got sick after my sixth corsage!

  22. haha.. you're adorable! its usually more fun when you have friends do it together!


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