Tuesday, April 13, 2010

mango tango...

huzzah for tropical fruit fest!! the local markets are brimming with delicious ripe fruit and everyone is going all out cos the khmer new year is a couple days away! :) daniel came home from work one day with the below.

home-grown mango from their own front yard. someone climbed the tree and retrieved heaps of them! and his darling secretary insisted he took some home for me. very frankly, we were not impressd by them cos they looked a tad bit weathered and green. but can't judge a book by its cover!

they turned out beautifully! the sweetest and chunkiest mangoes i've tasted! ever! delish!

i wished i had a recipe (and talent) to make mango pomelo!!


  1. WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cann go cambodia NOW NOW!!

  2. hahhhhh! :) some things are really great here!! :) emphasis on the word "some".

  3. the fruits yes? its enough! :D

  4. hahaha! :) i have no friends here!!!
    fruits are great and all but at some point, i'll trade all the fruits in the world for ONE friend! :) haha..

  5. yikes you are right.
    ok i overlook that!

  6. omg, the color of that mango is making me drool!

  7. its so vibrant right! i was shocked when i sliced it open!! yums..
    cos of our enthusiastic response, the guards scaled the trees this morning and we have 6 more! hahaha...


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