Friday, April 30, 2010

designing my dress - tick!

i spent an lovely afternoon with my dress designer in her trendy loft overlooking the singapore river trying different fabrics and snips of lace. it was so indulgent and fun! and i'd do it again and again!! this is the bit im enjoying most in the planning process!! every girl's dream!! *squeals*

i think we've finally come to a great middle ground that mixes her fantabulous style with the classic dress i had in mind. at the same time taking into account, my body shape, the season im getting married in (winter) AND functionality (dancing). need i mention my grandma's colour limitations and my mum's "dream" of her daughter looking like a little princess? almost impossible.. but dang patiently talked me through bits and inches, fabrics and cuts while daphne helped me through endless beautiful dresses! i seriously wanted to own them all! her shop is a treasure trove of amazing trinkets and fun girly things!!

i can't wait to see my dress! not to raise expectations but i really do hope it turns out pretty!!

she tasked me to look for pictures of dressed i liked a few months ago, and this is one that i picked..

dramatic but still very classic...doesn't she look fabulous! please god, give me perfect legs like that

source: karl largerfeld for fendi


  1. Well, the dress looks pretty nice even though it could have come off a giant fish. The girl on the other hand looks like should could've stood to eat the fish. Or a sandwhich or something! ;p

  2. omg how do u do it! how to decide!!!

  3. hahaha!!! i love it! :) you're hilarious! i guess puts fashion in perspective sometimes!!!

  4. it does!! but i gave up my mermaid shaped dress. my mum really was bent that i look like a princess (ie ballgown) so i gave in..
    my next evening ballgown will be mermaid tho!! i makes my waist-lessness look ok! :)

  5. hahaha you should have seen me! i walked in with a million ideas, then my excellent dress designer talked me slowly through them, then she narrow into three concrete designs.
    then i pick bits and pieces and put it into ONE! :) its amazing..
    have you picked your dress yet?

  6. i had almost pick the same gown designer, till the total cost gags me. lol, but they do offer lovely MTO gowns, ur so lucky! cant wait to see the final product!

  7. you did?? great minds think alike! she did my ROM dress too and i love it so so much! so hopefully this will work well too! :)
    who did you go with in the end?

  8. Signorial Nuzzle coz they offer indoor shots with outdoor effect. My man isnt a great fan of suntanning outdoor with a suit on. So we took all our shoots indoor. Gosh thats so long ago.
    Anyway the gowns (beside the tea dress) werent even new to begin with. Still i like my gowns lah, just not happy they werent new.

  9. thats a GREAT idea!! indoor with ourdoor effect! :) your man is sensible. we are also not big fans of singapore outdoor pre-wedding so we're doing it in winter in melbourne.. hahaha.. the other extreme!
    you can laugh at me if all my prewedding shots show me with BLUE lips shivering! :) :)
    i have new dresses but i compromise on the number of pieces. i only get two. usually other boutique provides up to 9 change of outfits! :) so you win some you lose some! :)

  10. if you thought that was funny, you should check out my LJ; I post funny pictures through out the week! ;)

  11. really? thats the first thing everyone thinks of!!
    i think how awesome the scallops and shoes are! :)

  12. everyone needs a daily chuckle!! i'll be adding your LJ if you don't mind!


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