Thursday, April 29, 2010

one fine morning...

i was just lamenting the other day to my boss how the frequent travel and feasting really affects my yoga classes. my very undedicated attendance at class disqualifying me from calling it a "yoga practice", and even when its merely an exercise class, i hardly keep up with it. well someone up there must really be paying attention to my every WHINE and fancy, cos the very evening, i got a phone call asking (sheepishly) if i thought it would be too insane to attend a 730am class at the esplanade.

and so we did!! :) the class was excllent and nice to ease into. the fresh air and sunrise was a rare treat. and surprisingly enough, we were not the ONLY crazies awake at that hour. there were runners, photographers, lovers walking around the river.

honestly though, i've never seen singapore in that light!! i remember thinking the entire time during the class how beautiful the fullerton hotel & esplanade bridge was.. and for the rest of the day, instead of nodding off at dinner table, i was energised and ever more sparkley than usual!!

me and dick, my trusty yogi mate!

we had plans for later that morning but it was too early to wake up the other kids so we bundled up and went to pick flowers from the wholesale market. just because. turns out you get better flowers when you hit the markets earlier!! i picked some bright coloured carnations and dick, some hydrangeas.. they're still ablooming after a week!!! pretty.

don't you love friends who motivate you to do good things like that? im so blessed.


  1. wow! interesting to be doing yoga there!

  2. it was a nice change from the yoga studio! and boy i was achey after! :)

  3. I am envious!
    i want to go too! My office near esplanade n 730am is not that crazy for me either! Haha n i know Slow in a way so call me along for the next morning yoga k?? - Aggie aka Jiaying

  4. Re: I am envious!
    haha!! 730am in the weekend, hon! :) kinda mad!!
    wow!!! you're on my blog! i love you babe!!! :)


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