Saturday, May 1, 2010

how about..

... a fire-engine-red mini bandage dress and black stiletto heels for a night out in town.

... strolling on pristine white beaches in lombok in geranium and white striped espadrilles.

.... red striped wolly scarf peeking out from dark suede riding jacket.

... classic ruby-red lipstick for an dim sum brunch and make silly toasts to puerh tea in ornate china.


happy weekend, folks!

source: the talented angela kohler.


  1. i think you'll look gorgeous in that colour hunz!

  2. yayy! great! cos my cheongsam is pink and red lace! *fingers crossed* its not toooo dark for my skin tone!

  3. this is beautiful and mysterious and romantic. thanks for sharing.
    i love your blog, it's filled with pretty things (and that includes yourself, chica!). would you mind if i added you?

  4. oh! what a compliment! of course, dear! :)
    i'll add you too in return! :)


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