Friday, March 26, 2010

friday loves: cake toppers

there is a major rush of diy projects because we're headed back to melbourne for the weekend and trying to hand carry as many delicate crafts over as possible. i have a major crush on cakes, dessert, candy bars and all things related to sweets.. so right after ordering our cake, i jumped head into a sea of cute cake toppers!! here are a few i love love love!

awww cuties!! my client is getting this for their wedding! but the groom is wearing a baseball hat for his fav team! cute eh?

kinda like how our cake would look, except even simpler!!

love this idea! topper and ring box!!

BUT after our very unsuccessful pompom chickies attempts over easter two years ago, urm.. we're too far off in the world of attractive pompom chickies!! bummer!

THEN, we bumped into these adorable cake toppers, painted out of wooden pegs via brooklyn bride. and it was love at first sight! and turned out to be one of my favorite craft i've worked on in a while!

so i hopped onto etsy and wrote to goosegrease over christmas, who was taking a break from painting personalized pegs to taking care of her cute babies (!!), to pretty please sell me a DIY kit. since then, she has a separate website for unpainted pegs which is great!! and my naked peggies arrived in the mail all safe and cute. but that was only the easy part!!

so the pegs sat at our table top of ages cos i had no balls to paint them. until one of my bridesmaid twisted my arm and told me i could go shopping only after i painted my cake toppers. and it worked.

in its glorious naked-ness.

started with the dan-doll. with pictures of his suit and his peculiar hairline, i came up with this! not too shabby..

and followed with the girl doll. in cake topper bliss forever and ever! :) im waiting to go back to singers and plant a diamond on her left hand and her hairpiece then we're done done! :) we'll see you guys again on wedding day!!

so back to this weekend! recently, a filipino lady got jailed after trying to bring in iced tea into australia. (hey! a wedding planner too!) so if you hear of a little singaporean girl muscling the huge aussie immigration dudes to the floor over some wooden pegs in international news, please send money for my bail. cos if they're not letting my painstakingly painted dolls into their country i'll be majorly pooped. *finger crossed*


  1. They're gorgeous, babe! It's no wonder you're doing this as a profession. *clap clap*

  2. Oh my so cute... arn't u painting on the eyes and the lips?

  3. im in two minds!! its so cute now that im scared putting eyes will goof it up!!

  4. haha thanks babe!!
    i wished i dress as stylishly as you! i guess there must be a reason why we chose our jobs!! :)

  5. HOW CUTE!!
    just put 2 dots and a 'smile'!

  6. im scared!! if they're too close together they look a little nerdy!!! and if i ruin it by having uneven eyes, i'll totally die!!

  7. but weird not to have the eyes leh?!

  8. Babe! How about just red lips for 'you' and a moustache for 'Daniel'? But not that he has a moustache. How about thick eyebrows instead?

  9. goodness thats an awesome idea. ok i go practice lips!! but SUPER scare to botch them up!! :)
    hahaha.. just had a good laugh over daniel's brows! :) it will look great!

  10. Hahaha, I can imagine how they'll turn out!
    Got my idea from seeing loads of creative mannequins for work! Visual merchandisers can be really amazing despite the limitations of space and a dead 'model'!
    Show the results yeah? ;)

  11. hmmm.. i just did! and cos i varnished it with top coat already, my lips are not staying!!! damn...
    *grouch* i should have posted pictures before i completed it!!!

  12. maybeeee.. just maybe i should repaint a new one. hmm..

  13. Sup chica.
    OMG. They're so pretty. God damn it, woman. Ur so talented.
    P.S: Yea, you should consider a smile/brow/mustache (any facial feature which u think u can do up without ruining it)

  14. Re: Sup chica.
    boohoo!! i sealed the deal. literally! :(
    may think of repainting a new one with more personality if i have more time! :)

  15. What do you mean by the lips are not staying? Damn, sorry my idea ruined your original designs!

  16. no, its not you! :) i already painted varnish over the dolls so when i tried painting the lips on, it doesn't dry well..
    not your fault at all! :) if i get the chance i think i'll buy another doll and try your idea!! it was a really awesome thought!

  17. I have no idea why you were reluctant to paint them. They are so well done and adorable! BTW, we all need girl friends like your bridesmaid. ^_~

  18. we sure do! :) my bridesmaids are great! they keep me on track and tell me when im being too bride-zilla! :)


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