Thursday, March 25, 2010

wedding stuff: groom fashion

needless to say, the wedding world comes across as being a little bride-centric. you know all those "oh! i don't know anything about the wedding, ask my wife.", "whatever as long as it doesn't cost me money.." and "all i have to do is turn up right?" comments bug me big-time. i don't know. maybe its the nonchalance on the grooms part, or the obsessive bride's mistake... but 80% of the time, the bride takes the bigger share in wedding planning. but that's another long rant for another day.

when it came to bridalwear, for us, it was completely different. i possibly wanted a vera wang, or a pre-owned monique lhuillier or maybe mum's vintage dress, maybe frills, most definitely lace, or poofs? or something off the rack. i had many ideas but no concrete answer. even now. but for daniel, he already knew. for crying out loud, he know what type of pocket squares and boutonniere he wants. i tease him sometimes that he was one of those little boys that dream of his wedding day. him and his classic black tux.

yes, i know i said classic black tux. but i just needed to sneak in a little bit of cuteness in this!! :)

a die-hard bond fan, he wanted a suit just like james bond.. and no tux shirt cos he wants to drop the bowtie later.

something like this. which meant that daniel can't get away with the faux elastic type bowtie you use in school recitals.

so we went a-looking! we had one unsuccessful bespoke tuxedo experience. turned out a tad bit too boxy and dated so we hunted high and low for slim-fitting trendy cut tuxedos. we shuffled uncomfortably into emanuel ungaro, armani, learnt how to read ermenegildo zegna. very close but no cigar. (is it just us? we still feel like high school kids when we enter these luxury boutiques) then we got to boss who had the most generous selection of different tuxes. from velour to satin all over, it was like tuxedo-candyland. found the perfect fit in a shawl lapel tux but nearly died at the prices.

so like all other good asian children, we checked out their outlets in thailand, korea and japan for a price check. even optimistically walked into every DFS store just in case! but eventually sucked it up and bought him the first suit that he liked which fit him to the T with minimal alterations!! what he always wanted! and what makes him even happier is!! IF we were in hollywood and IF we did walk down a red carpet, and IF anyone at all asked "who are you wearing, daniel?" then he can confidently say his designer's name without mis-pronouncing it. cheap thrill.. (p.s. if you're a wedding guest, pretty please humour him and ask him ok?)

we chose a tux cos it was his dream and our dress-code is black-tie. and cos daniel wears suits every single day of his work life a tux mixes things up a little. but i personally find a sharp well-cut suit equally attractive and groom appropriate. the key is comfort. grooms forced to wear a craveat on a hot morning, gatecrashing. not a pretty sight.. and if he's not quite a full suit and tie person, he can go without the tie or jazz it up with comfy sneakers!

here are some tailors in singapore and in phnom penh that we like:

Dave Kok from Dezenno Uomo Tailoring
PH: 6339 8016
HP: 9007 3765
#03-35 Peninsula Shopping Centre

Mr Ong
Hong Lim Complex
Behind UOB Bldg #02-12

Independence Tailor
On Sihanouk Boulevard
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

but the bestest off-the-rack suits we've acquired thus far are from seoul. beats the australian high-end tailors hands down. just off the streets in DDM for $110 USD each, we stock up everytime we visit. somehow, they've better slim-fitted suits with sensible fabrics that can stand day-to-day wear. but watch out for their shimmery fabrics!! we turned down a few that were so reflective you know you'll be safe crossing the road at night! :)


  1. Haha... my work suits are all from Seoul too! They somehow fit nicer than the regular G2000 ones and come in nicer fabrics... K is going for classic black tux too! But i doubt the both of us know how to tie a bow tie :)

  2. youtube! :) daniel is practicing haha.. its quite funny to watch. actually if you're not picky about front side back, its like tying a ribbon! :) :)
    who did you get to make K's tux? we were so disheartened by our first tux!! :(

  3. Mr Ong is the hubs uncle!
    (...that is if you are referring to Sze Sze Tailors coz they are behind UOB Bldg and are on the second floor, hhhh forgot unit number of the shop though)
    Uncle Paul made hubs suits for work and for our wedding, and he did my dad's suits as well! Precise cut and tailoring, I must say!

  4. oh really?? :) yeah!!! thats super cool! he makes really nice suits!! my friend gets all of his fancy suits done by mr ong as well!!
    my friend insists on being referred to as the "handsome indian boy with blue eyes" hahah! :) you can ask your uncle! :)

  5. Hi there! I am preparing for my wedding in October. :) Having problems 'identifying' good tailors for the groom because he is quite big in size. Any idea what is the price range that these tailor (those on tour blog) charge? By the way, who is Uncle Paul? Another good tailor?
    - Lingz -

  6. We got it off the rack from Di Gio in the end... like you guys, we went to all the Armanis and Hugo Boss to try on suits and they just didn't quite fit right...
    I heard Kingsmen (Far East) is good, but when we went there, their service was just quite poor... so we left without getting anything made... and they were charging like $800+!!! Perhaps you can check out Raffles Tailor or CYC too...

  7. hi lingz,
    the tailors are great in besoke suits so they should be able to suggest suits tailor made for your man's body shape and size! :) have a chat with them about styles.
    with the singaporean tailors, it depends on the type of suit, fabric chosen and style but a work suit would be approximately $300 - $400 or so, so it should be between that and $800. (another reader suggested a tailor in far east! see her comment above! i've heard good things about them too!)
    and as for uncle paul, i believe its mr ong's name who also happen to be another reader's uncle! :) what a small world! :)
    good luck, hon! :)

  8. yeah heard great things about kingsmen! but have not seen their suits personally. many of my grooms get their suits done at raffles tailor! very very nice stuff as well! :)
    if you don't mind sharing, how much did the off the rack tuxedo in di gio cost?? always useful to know so i can give people as a comparison!

  9. hahaha! i know deaf's bf made some shirts there! i'll ask her for the contact! :) not super sure about their suits tho!
    hugo boss in siam paragon costs the same as in singapore!! but with less variety!

  10. ohhhhh gotta heart Barney Stintson! It gonna be legend....wait for it...dary!!! ;P
    Just had to do that, sorry! Hee :D

  11. its the MAN! :) he will look hot in a paperbag!!

  12. you've got to love a man in a well-cut suit and sneakers! how awesome =) i hope one day when i get married, i can convince whoever it is i'm marrying to wear just that.. a great suit and yummy, edgy sneaks.
    love your blog xoxo
    - trina

  13. hahaha, clothes maketh the man!

  14. not sure how much they charge for just at tux cos we got it as part of a package, including rental of my dress and flowers we paid about $1700... don't think they are cheap but their gowns are quite pretty..

  15. im with you on that one! i think its a real statement!
    unfortunately, even on a regular day, daniel doesn't wear edgy sneakers so i think im fighting an uphill battle on that one!! :(
    thanks for visiting trina! :)

  16. actually... really not bad. $1700 is really not pricey! the tux is to keep or to rent?

  17. Really? Both my gown and his tux is off the rack and just rental...
    The thing is we didn't include prewed photoshoot or actual day photography... so that price is just for dress, tux and flowers...

  18. ahh!! rental! :) but STILL very good price. and di gio has amazing dresses!! have you picked yours??
    MAN! and flowers. seriously, we should have totally gone down that path!

  19. girly, is this Mr Ong the same as navin's Mr Ong?!! he told me it's a very cheong-hei uncle but is pretty good =)

  20. yes thats him!! :) we got the recommendation from navin!!
    i was always soo impressed with his suits in switz! :)

  21. Tux
    Hey Zhiying,
    Which of the two Sporean tailors above do you recommend better? It's time for me to tailor one! The wedding's in a month! Haha... Do you know how much they charge and how long they take to tailor? What about any recommendation for not so pricey off the rack tux in Spore?

  22. Re: Tux
    haha! :) i like zara suits on men, but i like their menswear cos of you!!!! :)
    hmm.. i brought my dad to mr ong, he was great (chinese speaking) and helped with a lot of recommendations cos my dad was quite flexible. but if you have really fixed designs and styles, the peninsular one is trendier but $400 onwards. they've done shirts with funky inside of collar and suits with nice lining (you know? like paul smith!)
    usually 1 week is enough but do earlier!!! :)
    OMG i bought so so many shoes from usa!! shopping is awesome!


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