Sunday, March 28, 2010

...and we have a winner!!

here, i'll find a winner for my recent (and first) giveaway of a hand-made tulle hairband!

wow! im greatly humbled by the sweet sweet messages some of you guys left! :) im so so thrilled and sooo wished i had a cute hairband for each of you! :) you're too sweet! so thanks guys, you made my week!! so, this is how i did it. i pencilled in all your names/nicknames into my notebook and numbered them, first at the top. then using random number generator, it picked out a number for me! 

and our winner is: lifen 

hi there!
Hi! I read your blog every so often as you just sound so happy and chirpy most of the times. it's a breath of fresh air. =O and when i read this most recent post about you giving away the hairband just for fun, i just had to drop a comment and say that you really are quite awesome and fun!

Btw, I am planning my own wedding sometime around the end of this year. any suggestions or tips for a fun wedding as well as the venue? i am already planning to check out dang bridal as you recommended. great wedding ceremony of yours btw! could you share with me your diy tips? =) thks lots!

*** lifen, congrats!!! :) please send me your mailing address by leaving a comment on this entry or emailing me at princess_zhing(at)yahoo(dot)com!

and for the rest of you, im already planning my next giveaway.. so stayed tuned!! and come play and pop in to say hi more! :) receiving and reading each and every one of your comment is such a joy, for this I thank you. 

have a lovely weekend.



  1. oh how pretty! i'm sad, i must have missed that journal entry. must be more alert for next giveaway :)

  2. awww sweets! :) there will be more! :)
    im so inspired i went out sourcing for more goodies today! :)

  3. I missed that journal entry, but I just want to chime in that I love reading your blog! It's fun and upbeat, and it's great reading about all your DIY adventures and various escapades! *hugs!*

  4. hahah! :) thanks sweets!! and yours too! i love love your creativity!!!
    just a thought are you great at make up by any chance? the way you paint the dolls! :)


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