Friday, January 15, 2010

the second is always second to the first?

what do you think, girls? yayy or nayy??

im kinda nervouse cos the entire series ended superbly with the movie. and i loved it all! but it will absolutely kill me if this doesn't work out and its the last thing i remember of it!! the trailer looks promising though and i cant wait to see what's up in the black-tie event!! i love men in tuxes!! :) 

urm. yes its 4am. and im awake watching the tube. im a little stressed getting back into the swing of things. two big weddings in one short and little weekend...


  1. Yayyy! Only because I think the onscreen chemistry between the girls and even with the boys are really really good.
    (Not forgetting the great cities, shoes, bags and clothes in that order) :)

  2. Ooohh, love carrie's turban at the end! I'm sure it'll be great! But I could just be biased...

  3. I don't know how the show will turn out *fingers crossed* but the trailer sure makes their lives look nothing short of glamourous! It almost looks like they did the movie just so they could wear nice shoes, go to exotic locations and just live in dreamland...Thanks for sharing - can't wait!

  4. yeah the clothes and trailer looks very promising!! hopefully it doesn't disappoint!

  5. hahah! :) i agree with the order you listed!! :)

  6. me too!! :) its a really evil movie though! i always end up feeling like i NEED to visit NY sooner or absolutely HAVE to have a new purse..


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