Tuesday, January 12, 2010

random thoughts: melbourne

i love melbourne, but im not sure i wanna live there.

don't get me wrong, i had a super-duper time this christmas. and unlike the last time, i felt a lot more comfortable and at home. i mean, last time we visited, we had only been seeing each other for less than 6 months and my mother-in-law, bless her heart, dug out vintage linen (which for the records, i really lurrrvveee) and asked me if i thought we'd like to keep them as family heirloom. gosh! talk about being too forward.. and i had to meet ALL his friends in 3 days. AND AND AND did i mention we popped by to see "OUR" apartment? it was very stressful to say the least. plus it was the first time i was exploring the city (as an adult) and i felt like daniel, being the kind tour-guide, was cramping my style by taking me to tooo many iconic places, too many road trips but not enough cute boutique/crafty stores. tough crowd, eh? this time, i shopped my heart out with shuen, spent afternoons bonding with my MIL and made space in the house for me. we even dedicated days for shopping so i was a happy berry. but still... there is a naggin thought at the back of my mind. is this THE place?

actually, im not sure why i have reservations. when i was a wee little girl, i spent a few year of my life there. so there are many pictures of me traisping in the parks, running through crunchy autumn leaves and having a blast with my neighbours.. but its really hard to wrap my head around the idea of living in melbourne again. inexplicably, im more game to try new york and tokyo but not melbourne.

im very excited when we talk about finding a place of our own. our own little dog. a combined craft & technology room so we can set things up properly. we want somewhere we can learn dance, do sports and go out for movies. melbourne fits the bill. and im sure it's not about relocating to foreign land because the last time i packed my bags for USA, it ended with me wanting to stay there forever...

this trip, i caught up with my long-lost bff, tricia. she recently moved to melbourne to work on her masters and is such a positive munchkin! she tells me all the time what she loves about staying in melbourne. and hearing it from her made me feel better. maybe im not giving it a fair chance.. maybe i have to open up my heart to be able to properly love this city. i can't go around comparing it all the time to my ex-love (virginia) or my long-time crush (newyork). must give up something to gain something better.. and all the cliches one can think of..

well, a decision will be made by the end of this year. which gives us plenty of time to ponder over tea...so to end on a very unconclusive note: "woolessseee!!"


  1. Oh gosh, I know what you mean! I mean, I'm not married or anything now but then again, our geographical difference is one of the big reason why marriage's not happening anytime soon.
    I often wonder where we'll end up though. Will he move to HK to work? Or should I move home to find work? Or should he go back to Oz and I'll try to find work there? Or or or. Sigh.
    But I definitely don't wanna live in Brisbane (that's where he's from) and he refused to live in Sydney and Melbourne's the closest compromise we got for Oz!

  2. decisions decisions~~
    i would pick perth if its australia! call me boring old fart but i do love the little quiet city i had called home for 3 years!

  3. Well, one thing for sure - Melbourne is a lot closer to SG than US will ever be (for your parents)! :) Good luck with the decision!

  4. hahah! plus perth is half-way between melbourne and singapore. and we have family there too!!
    i liked perth the few times we visited.. and he has an office there too!!
    ahhh! one more option to the puzzle!

  5. i hear you man!!
    hope you figure something out soon! it must be difficult with you and home both away from home and apart from each other!!
    does brisbane have fashion stuff for you to work on??

  6. awww. we'd love to as well...
    growing up can be such a pain at time..

  7. that's true but usa is closer to the two brothers so it would be easier for family reunions..
    australia just feels like its another planet on its own...

  8. yayyy good to have more choices! =) i think perth is a good compromise~~ :D
    can i bunk in when i go over to perth?? :P:P:P

  9. of course silly girl! :) but hang tight! wait on us to move first!

  10. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok!! (^^)

  11. It only sucks that when I return to SG, everyone expects me to see them even if I'm back for a weekend and usually, the people you wanna spend the most are your close friends, other half and family. :( And he needs to return to Brissy and Perth every now and then to visit his family too. So the leave we have left aren't that much... Sigh!
    Brissy?! Unless I be a salesgirl lor. hahahaha

  12. ahh.. i totally understand man!! but i decided i must count my blessings that i get to fly home more often (cos my flight is only 1 hour..) *positive thoughts!!!*
    hang tight, babe! hope you find something awesome back home SOON! or matt gets a SUPER job offer in HK!!
    urm maybe australia is not for 2 of you then!! u absolutely can't give up your talent and be a shopgirl!! :(

  13. Hahaha, it's ok! Since Oz's minimum wage is like $20 per hour anyway, I don't mind! But yeah, Sydney and Melbourne will be good cos that's where the brands and mags are based.
    Are you working in Cambodia?? Btw, do lemme know if you and hubby ever come to HK! Can show yall around. :)

  14. I'll say yes to Melbourne anytime!! When you spend a long enough time there, you'll love it babe! I haven't met anyone who doesn't love Melbourne :)

  15. i know.. everything seems great there. just a little scared i wont make friends.. and everyone will laugh at my singlish-american terrible english accent... *shrugs*

  16. You'll make friends just fine. Dont worry babe! Melbournians are a sociable lot :)

  17. nope, im taitai-ing when im in cambodia but still holding on to my job in singapore (which is why i get to fly home more often!)
    definitely! i'd love to pop into HK to shop and eat. and veeesit! :) thanks for the offer babe!!!


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