Wednesday, January 20, 2010

melbourne 09:: j'arrive & christmas tree shopping

we arrived in melbourne after an all-nighter!! i think as we grow older, we're a little fussier. we used to be able to fly 21 hours with time difference and bounce right up ready to party! but this 8-hour flight was terrible! at sound point, i woke up to  a very sad looking daniel rummaging at my feet trying to fit on the floor. and i was all "DUDE! get the hell up from the floor!!" and his response was "but i really really NEED to straighten out my leg" *sigh* i guess next time we really need to book our tickets with SQ sooner (or we need to suck it up and travel business). *tsk* the perils of old age!!

anyhow, we spent the night tossing and turning and looked AWFUL when we touched down at noon!! but the weather was soo pretty and fresh that we couldn't have possibly wasted a day indoors so we headed out to the farms to buy a christmas treeeeee! :)

nothing says christmas more than a freshly cut pine tree!! i've a feeling my mother-in-law was not as excited about this but because of how lovely it smelt, we spent the rest of our vacation camping out under the twinkle lights of the tree!!

taking my search very seriously! we had to look at the trunk to make sure its straight not boomerang-shaped!

smells like christmas!!! hmmmm....

and they gave us and our chosen tree a ride in santa's sleigh! strapped up to our car and we were good to go!

and my darling friend, shuen, drove 3 hours to meet in the city!! xoxo!! that's us and her victoria market mangos!! so auntie!! but yums!!

and in between myers and david jones shopping, we met this piggy! "no hams for christmas" said this little piggy..

yeeshuen is one of those friend that you don't see for ages but the minute you do, you feel like she has been there the entire time! i was really looking forward to having a good friend when we move to melbourne but from the looks of it, her practice may be taking her to perth! :( she said she has been waiting for me for tooo many years! aww.. sorry babe!! but it was a good 6 hour before she had to start driving back to echuca! can't wait till i get to see her again over easter again!!

a sweet treat to end our day in the city! :) in the koko black hidden in a quaint alleyway!!

meanwhile, while we were ducking in and out stores, daniel & mum had some time to themselves so they visited hawthorne and checked out our apartment, just to make sure its still standing tall! :)

that's our little nugget of space, the second level from the top!! :)

thanks for reading! :) more adventures to come!


  1. love your green dress dearie! its a picture perfect! ;)

  2. Arghhh! Koko Black!!! I wished I had sufficient time to try it out! I've heard too many raving reviews!

  3. love the green dress and the green christmasy trees! i have never smelled one in real life before.

  4. oooo its delicious!!!! :) in fact, my favorite candle company makes a christmas special with pine scent in them all...
    i'll get you some when i go to the states later this year!!!

  5. hahaha its my chrismas tree camo! :) i fit right in with the rest of them!! :)

  6. its super! :) and they're everywhere!! :)
    btw if you happen to travel to switzerland, you have to try out their hot chocolate. by far the BEST i've tasted! :)

  7. I went there many years ago. Don't recall trying out the hot chocolate. Arghh!

  8. im sure there are super ones everywhere but one of my favorite is in vevey (one stop montreux, where i went to school) called poyet!! im craving it real bad now!!

  9. the green dress is soooo lovely!!!

  10. its from zara and is super comfy too! i travel with that all the time!! :)

  11. The pines on your tree look slightly different from the ones we get here. And thats such a nice apartment you have there! Can't wait to see pics of the inside :)

  12. is it fatter?? or messier?? i found them super amusing cos they were all fat and bushy! :)
    thanks hon! :) this little piece of air is making us very poor!!!


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