Friday, December 18, 2009

seoul 09: part 넷

following the official ceremony in front of guests, the wedding ends with Pyebaek , a private ceremony that welcomes the bride into the grooms family.

what a cutie-patootie, my judybob!! :)


lucas grabbing a quick shut-eye while getting primped by their wedding planner.

there was a lot of bowing and , like the chinese tea-ceremony, they offer elders wine or soju!

and in turn they offer well-wishes, marriage advice and presents!

lucas's parents tossing jujubes and chestnuts at the wedding couple. they are meant to catch as many with her long skirt. the number of jujubes and chestnut retained symbolizes how many babies they'll share together!! : )  

fortunately, these kids have superb hand-eye coordination. they're going to be blessed with a truckload of (beautiful) children!!! lucas's uncle quickly did the math and announced that judy would be pregnant for (10) years in total! *sweats*

my FAVORITE part! they share a date between them (my guess is a symbollism of a sweet life ahead!) and whoever ends up with the seed wears the pants in the relationship! see how determined judy is to grip on to the seed? :) :) :) 

Additionally, the groom often gives a piggy back ride to his bride, symbolizing his acceptance of his obligations to her..

wedding elves, me & yoomee.


the blissful couple!! we wish you all the bestest and finest life has to offer. we love you heaps and cant wait to see pictures of Maldives and the W!! :) xxx


  1. Awww, piggyback! It's such a sweet tradition.

  2. thank you!! im trying my best to make it look like im not re-wearing it too much!!

  3. its super cute!! i read somewhere he is meant to piggyback his mom and his wife (separately)! hard work!

  4. wow...
    Thanks to Mr.Daniel who went through all the trouble taking beautiful photos for us =)
    and also thanks to my loving Zhingy for coming all the way for my wedding...
    Can't wait for your pictures to come! yayyyy!!

  5. Re: wow...
    oooo im glad you love it dear! muahh! :)

  6. heehee...judy's expression during piggyback is funny!!! but hey! their wedding tradition looks like a whole lot of fun =)) learn something new everyday!

  7. Feels nostalgic looking at the photos! I attended my Korean friend's weddin many years back and wore a hanbok cos I was her bridesmaid. I witnessed the same awesome ceremony too :)

  8. cuuute right? you should have been there! there were many classmates! and they sent their love when i told them you were also getting married on the same weekend!!

  9. ahh! i wished i wore a hanbok for the wedding too!! that would have been super cool!


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