Thursday, December 17, 2009

seoul 09: part 셋

judy weds! :)

they had their church wedding a while before but their korean ceremony was held in the evening following by a dinner reception. the venue was quite far from out hotel and everyone recommended taking the train due to traffic!! but i realized there was no way i could have made it in my skimpy cocktail dress in the subway. so i had to (very unglamourously) layer my dinner dress with my PAJAMAS!!! daniel was just ok in his dinner suit and his regular dinner coat. so unfair.. needless to say, we got many stares and giggles in the train. haiyar.. need to work on my winter wardrobe a little. it doesn't really cover the basics!!

we made it in the nick of time and caught the bride before the ceremony in her waiting room! :)
yoomee, judy and me..

aww.. just looking at this picture makes me tear up..

sorry for the private note to my ma! she told me im not putting up enought pictures.. she complained i had too many words, not enough pictures... tough crowd!! haha.. back to the wedding!


and the gorgeous bride with her multicolour polka dotted toes... im usually not a big fan of high collared gowns generally but it looked ravishing on her. but then again this girl has my heart, i think she looks great in anything! :)

and an extra shot for her jimmy choos! :)

rows and rows of congratulatory flowers. vivrantly coloured, they were a generous mix of all the prettiest flowers!!

a peek down the white petal-lined aisle... see that dude in the tailcoat, not her groom! :) her photographer! he's a jolly guy! :)

and i caught up with a whole bunch of swiss friends! we were seated with them so they could give us a commentary of what is happening and what everyone is saying. sweet!

her handsome groom, lucas walking in to greet the guests first. he's such a cutie!

judy's dad looking very proud giving her away. and she snuck us a quick peek on the way down the aisle..

and left me lusting after her gorgeous crystral-detailed chapel train...

lucas's family during the ceremony. his friends serenaded them with disney classic - "whole new world"..

parting shot of mr and mrs huang!! bye love!! then everyone was invited to feast on an authentic korean spread with all sorts of yummy kimchi things and handmade sushi (kimbab). the newly weds changed into their traditional costumes and went around saying hellos to the guests. then we got invited to a private ceremony with lucas's family which was super fun!!

stay tuned! pictures coming up soon! :)


  1. Her wedding dress is gorgeous!

  2. it is!! its very different from the ones i commonly see in singapore! the tube and ballgown! :)

  3. what can i say! all my friends are shoe-fanatics!

  4. All of you look so stunning! And i love her crystal-detailed chapel train. So pretty!

  5. Is the row of black flowers and pearls something you added to your dress? they are so pretty!

  6. it is so pretty right... i also want a long dramatic chapel train now!! :)

  7. yeah! :) i made it so the dress would look slightly different from the recent time i wore it!! tell me it worked!!!

  8. Yes it worked! Cos I was thinking the dress looked familiar but couldn't quite place the flowers and pearls before I realised. Well done babe! haha!
    Btw, your friend, the bride, is very beautiful! Esp the pic of her walking down the aisle. Wow!

  9. yayy! coming from you! :) wow! such a compliment!
    yes! judy just has something about her!! she glows!!

  10. Sweet photos. :) The gown is lovely on her.

  11. it is!! i've seen many wedding dresses but this is really one of the more elegant and equisite ones!
    perfect for her!!

  12. those are jimmy choos??? WOW! i have never seen them like that before! GORGEOUS... but somehow choos don't quite work for me. :( Did you plan this wedding? This is so nice!!

  13. i was only the 'bridesmaid' at this wedding! :)
    they're pretty awesome and i've never seen this pair before. her sister (who is also a shoe-person too) picked it out as a wedding gift for them from NYC! :) pretty cool, eh? i wish i had a sister!!

  14. I LOVE ur dress too! Was the black floral embellishment part of the dress, and done by u? Lovely touch!
    This Korean wedding looks stylish!

  15. thank you babe! yeah i added the felt fowers bib necklace and pearls! :)
    its really pretty! judy's mum is really into flowers so she designed the entire concept! genius!


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