Thursday, December 24, 2009

wedding stuff: saturday or sunday

hello loves!! im in melbourne now having a toasty christmas!! taking a small break from blogging but will catch up with japan trip soonish!! :) :) hope everyone has a lovely time, a sweet-smelling tree and heaps of love and hugs to go around!! *muahh* i can't wait for 2010!

one of the biggest things im looking forward to excitedly is our wedding! and we just viewed EIGHT venues in 3 days! woah wedding craziness!!! good news is, we've got the whole interviewing process down to a T! we have our little questionnaire with ALL possible questions. very no-nonsense and bam-wam-thank-you-maam and we're out! our last site visit lasted only 20 mins!! good job, team!

we've narrowed down to our last two favorites. both have character, have excellent reviews and we love very very much!! so good luck to us man!! we're spending christmas laying out a spreadsheet to help us decide..

OOOoooookay. need some help!! thing is... one venue is only available on a sunday which i have a thing about! in my practical mind, wedding guests will be lining up to leave at 9pm. but my experience is of course limited by my singaporean pragmatism. so i have two questions!!

1) will you, personally, leave the party earlier on a sunday?
2) will you drink or party less cos you have to work the next day?

** based on the fact that 50% of the guests are from out of town (ie no work next day), and are close friends. there would be dancing and drinking. latest end time is probably 1pm anyway. no clubbing, strobe lights and getting miserably trashed.

drop me a note! ;) joyeux noel! :)


  1. i would say its ok, go ahead with sunday!

  2. Yes to both your questions, only if I (and the other half if he is invited) am working the next day... Otherwise I am happy to stay and party away!! :P have fun deciding on the venue- I love melbourne so I am betting that your final venue will be awesome!!

  3. yeah? psycologically will you think that sunday is a sleep earlier night?!? or that its a cheaper cousin to the traditional saturday wedding!!

  4. *fingers crossed* big decisions!! if only both of them were available on saturday!! but i guess life's not always easy like that!!

  5. sunday= sleep earlier night? haha no lah! somemore your guests are flying in for the wedding celebrations! dont think they'll sleep earlier!
    if you are in singapore, and most of your guests are typical working singaporeans, then yes 95% of them will disappear early.
    but since you are having it in melbourne, i think you should be fine! :)

  6. *finger crossed* thanks babe! i just needed to hear what others think about!!!
    anyway, i figured if that person is close enough to me, i'll take a day off anyway! :)

  7. " figured if that person is close enough to me, i'll take a day off" yeaps exactly!

  8. If I have to work the next day, yes I'd drink less and go home earlier.

  9. yeah, i'm one of those who doesn't really care... hahaha
    looking forward to your final venue!

  10. thanks joan! :) *muahh* merry chrissy and a happy and successful new year! :)

  11. im almost there!!! :) :) :) send you email once i put money down! but definitely national day weekend! :)

  12. Re: concerns
    Considering the fact that I've booked a Sunday for my own wedding.. i'm going to say I dun care! hahaha
    Besides like someone mentioned earlier, for those close frens that do matter, we'd take the next day off to party the night a way..

  13. Re: concerns
    hahaha! i rather not have a sunday. but cest la vie!! i guess thats how we knew we really liked the venue!! save the date! 8 of august babe!!


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