Thursday, October 29, 2009

best friend's wedding + late night shopping + korean BBQ = love

we're all booked in for our seoul holiday!!! weeheeee!!! :) everything takes a little longer here in cambodia. what would otherwise take 10 mins max online took us months, a few more lengthy phone conversation and a moto-ride to collect cash (cos they do not have credit card facilities) and another to deliver our printer e-ticket cos urm.. e-tickets can't me electronically transmitted. but as wise ole chuck bass says "what do you expect form a place where men wear sandals?". *deep breaths now..*

but yayyy!! we'll all set for a chilly weekend in seoul to celebrate the wedding of judy & lucas! :) i was just going through my digital albums and dug out these pictures of us in our crazy adventures! here are some of my favorite memories!

with malaika in new york, summer of 2007. malaika was our surprise from alex!!

in our spanish apartment.. it was slightly sad that that morning because in 24 hours, we were to board different planes headed in opposite directions, newyork, singapore, korea and paris!

shopping in newyork, summer 2008

out with the kids from french class at montreux, switzerland! (after convincing le francais professeur we needed to dine out to practise our french phrases...)
love you honey! :) hang tight! 
im on my way!! 


  1. KOREA! traditional wedding? what fun!!! lotsa photos please!!!

  2. i know, right! super exciting!! :) we'll definitely take super lot of pictures!

  3. you and daniel are leading a jet-setting lifestyle!!

  4. hahaha.. we try to!! :) we spend our last spare penny on vacations!! (and shoes..)

  5. *waves*
    *waves* hello are u? i miss u!!!!

  6. Re: *waves*
    its the street corner where UBS and the kebabs are!!! outside beijing town (or was it old beijing?)

  7. Re: *waves*
    beijing town! which i heard has since closed down apparently coz' they employed ppl w/o work permits =( yes yes dear...we spent our xmas vacation at the apartment just further down from UBS~ and there was the wine shop, the atas crockery shop and what's tt cake/cafe place called? ahh...fond memories =)

  8. Re: *waves*
    really?? but their noodles were so so yummy (with or without permits) and i loveeeeeeee that place!!!
    YES!!! the one that i came to stay with you!!! oh! talk about atas crockery shop, i saw the wave coffee cups again!! in phnom penh!! SUPER CHEAP!!!
    cake/cafe? the one that yixin eats pesto pasta at?? or poyet?

  9. Wow..
    How sweet of you! =)
    We go wayyyy back right?! More fun to come!
    But what's wrong with live journal? so slow! or is it just me???

  10. Re: Wow..

  11. Re: *waves*
    oh nonono...poyet is in Vevey =) erm...i dun think we went in for tea at tt cafe ever! aw man...i miss the Christmas market and churros!!! skinny pizza sells horrid ones =P
    oooo!!! did u get urself a set of the cups?

  12. Re: *waves*
    me too! :) but not so much the warm wine!! (the one that made xin sick!! :)
    nope, i cant buy cups until i move into our proper home!! you wan?? i buy for you!!! :) you can live my dream! :)

  13. Re: Wow..
    yes!! plenty plenty more fun adventures and pictures to come!!! (especially from your wedding!)
    LJ is not slow for me, i think! or is it because there are so many pictures to upload?
    p.s. euphie's wedding is one day after yours so i cant attend hers!! so so many weddings in one lovely weekend!! :)

  14. Re: *waves*
    lol~ when we get our new den, i'll let u know =) *prays she gets something soon*

  15. Re: *waves*
    okay!!! :) :) you sure you dun wanna keep in your house first? in case i move away???
    as your pseudo "sorry i can't make it" ROM pressie?

  16. Re: *waves*
    hahahaa...then wherever you'll be, i'll just make u get me a "sorry i can't make it" housewarming pressie!!

  17. Re: *waves*
    okayyyy!!! :) deal! :) :) :) love you heaps babe!!!

  18. Re: Wow..
    congrats to you too!!! later when we meet up we can all talk about our married life! keke


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