Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sprinkles & icing, please!

thanks to my newest exercise regime (inspired by ), i've been feeling extremely snackish.

hold your horses!! before you think im joining the troops and running marathons alongside my beau, i will confess that its term 'exercise regime' is used very loosely to represent the 30 mins of activity i commit myself to each day. so some days, its my yoga class, some days, my dance class, some days tennis and all the other in betweens, i go to the gym in our apartment block and skip along on the treadmill. so no, im far from my healthy BMI or fat percentage! just babysteps!! but i've been feeling great and a little chirpier!

i've also been hankering after healthier snacks. so i've been rolling up my sleeves and experimenting with some tapas recipe, salsa dips, fruit sorbets and low(er) fat sweet treats!! some yays and some nays! but all very fun!! im especially proud of my triple choc fudge cupcakes! i thought they were very scrummy, very light and guilt-free!! i have them all the time. with milk, with black tea, just on its own!!

but i guess that's just me because daniel just asked for another batch to take into the office to share.(yayy..) but requested them topped with fudge icing. (boo..) so i swallowed my baker's pride, iced it generously with full-fat fudgey goo and sprinkled some fairy dust (more sugar!!) for good measure!! i must admit this newest batch of cupcakes does look a little more yums.

hundreds and thousands makes everything happier!!

oh! did you also grow up eating fairy bread with hundreds and thousands sprinkled on plain white bread and butter? those were my party favorites! i miss them!!


  1. i was most relieved when i found yoga classes here!! i do miss hot yoga class back home though!


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