Thursday, October 29, 2009

wedding stuff: photobooth love

im obsessed with the photobooth concept.especially ones as awesome as this!! :) i want one at our wedding too! if you have a fun crowd, they'll have so much fun with it!! just to add to the mischief, drop a few props and wigs at the booth and wait to see what sort of CRAZY pictures you get!! :) 

don't you totally love how you become part of the wall of family pictures!! love, love, love! i've already sent this picture to my dad to brainstorm!! *fingers crossed*

the rest of the wedding is featured here. really well styled by sasha souza. i especially dig the theme, mismatched linen and flowergirl outfit.

p.s yingjie, doesn't it remind you of my 14-yr old visions of what i'd made my bridesmaid wear?? hahaha...


  1. It's really fun and popular in the States. My friend did it and had a booth at her wedding and the photos were really funny.

  2. it is indeed!! :) :)
    i like the ones in the states where they actually have a vintage photo-booth. the type that prints 4 pictures in a strip!! excellent gift for your guests too!!!


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