Monday, August 31, 2009

monday lusts

on this pretty morning, im catching up on some reading before yoga class.

if only i looked as glamourous as padma lakshmi in her beautiful long dress!!

dont you just love the vintage chandeliers? and random sprigs of flowers? how about the gorgeous wall art? her oh-lets-just-pull-it-into-a-loose-chignon beautifully shiny black locks!! and need i EVEN get started on her neverending legs & washboard abs.. its just not fair. we're not even talking about her successful modelling career, her pretty cookbooks (which i love!!) and her wardrobe filled with fancies!

im convinced that if i keep up with my daily downward-facing dogs, this will all come to me one day.

dear god, can you kindly throw in those gorgeous silky sheets too. thanks!


  1. sorry, didn't see any chandeliers.. I got distracted by HER chandeliers... those boobs... :P

  2. now that you mentioned it! ya man!!!


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