Tuesday, September 1, 2009

for the love of polaroids!

i absolute adore polaroids!! my first camera was a polaroid, a very chintzy one but i still have awesome pictures from my dorky school days!! my boy recently surprised me with a brand-new fuji instax with a lifetime supply of sanrio film! weeheee!!! :) so love!

but because we are not loaded like that, we cant bring our little toy for a whirl everyday! but check this out! OMG seriously the best thing since bah kwa (sliced pork)!!! you download their little camera which sits on your desktop, drag and drop your pikkies and its done! it even makes the cute snap and the image will slowly appear. JUST LIKE THE REAL THING! (urm.. i secretly tried blowing on it to accelerate the process.)

i spent the whole night polaroid-ing my favorite pictures! but aren't they absolutely adorable!!!

(from left, clockwise: me & my boys, corny sly, cupcake love & judybob)

edit: this seems particularly suited for this post! an awesome-ly cute proposal with many super cute pictures!!


  1. ooh love your gorgeous red dress ;)

  2. I know what you mean! I still adore Polaroids too! First got one from a buncha JC friends at my 21st birthday and still using it religiously! :D

  3. hahah! :) this is the bomb! you can save it in several stages of development!! :) try it!

  4. nice!
    if you have an iphone, you should download www.shakeitphoto.com

  5. ah! yet another reason to want an iphone! :)


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