Saturday, August 29, 2009

with much love...

woohoo!! its the weekend! :) what are you guys up to? it has been a while since we have not earth-shattering plans! no one is getting on a jetplane, no one is getting married and that's good reason to celebrate!

we're going to spend the weekend being snugglebugs at home and straighten up the place!! having house guests is fantastic but you fall behind on routine clean-ups. and we get so finicky when the house is not in the right order. we're also going to take long rides around town on our bicycles, cook at home and try this new locally produced palm wine we found at the supermarket. cost us all of ... wait for it... TWO dollars!! woah!

oh! and before i run, i just HAVE to share this picture cos we had such a good laugh over it! 

me, bestie and her bff at their wedding.. even sexy stilettos & a cheongsam can't take the wedding-planner/commando march out of me!! :) 

picture by tinydots photography, ganked off facebook.

have a peaceful weekend, peeps! :) 


  1. that really cracked me up!!! you wedding nazi!

  2. in my defense, we had a strict schedule of 10 min for her costume change... :)

  3. hell yea!
    Ur spot on bout the march. Where's the military band entourage? ha. Anyhoo qn. My sis is gettin married next year and she's looking for designers (amateur or otherwise) who can design her weddin invite at an affordable rate. She has an idea on what she wants but they just have to design and give her a few choices to pick from. She'll print it on her own.

  4. Re: hell yea!
    hmm.. what's affordable rate?
    the stationery people i know are excellent but usually takes care of the printing and end product as well.
    i do know that bras basah has a few printers with in house designers at street level! i've used them for placecards and stuff and have come up with very nice work (with given specific designs)
    hope that helps!! congrats salma's sissy!!


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