Monday, July 27, 2009

travel stuff: the finale, oxford

the last day of my travel was a bonus.

initially bummed because i couldn't get on the same flight as my parents and didi. in my mind, i had wanted to come back to start tackling my long wedding to-do list. but it was not meant to be so i had another extra day in london. and it turned out to be heaps of fun! me and nicole hopped onto a train to oxford in a spur of the moment and spent a full day in oxford with song while he attended this conference for geeks.

the dodgey pass that got us into the campus! (seriously though.. he is from division of reproduction?! *raises brows*)

and we FINALLY had nando's for lunch! woohoo! :) i don't understand why something so wonderful won't come to singapore. or cambodia!! im completely in love with their periperi sauce and chips! by the way, just in 8 days of vacation, i'd put on so much weight, which cause much worry and drama nearing our wedding day. but at that point, i had no clue that it was doing to happen so we ate our fill! yums! and walked around town looking for sundae...if only i knew then!

song and nic near some harry potter alley or castle. i don't recognise it so i completely cut the most interesting part of the picture out. (so i was told much later) oh well... these two are rather cute too!!

oxford is really cute. lovely place to walk around with their cobblestone paths and old buildings! im sure song will have a wonderful 4 years here!! i cant wait to visit again!

song & me in harris manchester college. i love the lecturer's red bricked homes with little gardens!! we hope one day we'll have a cute little home like that.. so maybe song will! then i can come stay and stare at the flowers!

staying with my cousin, ming, is always so much fun! old and young alike! there is always endless snackfood and toys to entertain everyone. there is not one quiet moment. we were all either skateboarding, watching dvd, playing wii, talking or playing music the entire time! its hilarious because the kids decided they were going to put up a concert on our wedding next year. so we can start picking songs now. dominic is very confident that he wants to play "wonderful tonight!" i actually think thats super sweet.. but he doesn't want to sing cos he thinks thats cheesy.. oh well..

oh! another perk! our individual snack bag filled with yummy stuff every morning! reminds me of school days..

cant wait till ming comes home to singapore this summer!! we're having a chicken rice and meesiam festival! weehee!! :)


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