Monday, July 27, 2009

our wedding: the theme & concept

wow. where to start!

hi! im a girlie girl. i work as a wedding planner. so naturally everyone had assumptions. she must daydream about her own wedding all the time!  she will definitely know what to wear, how it will look like. she can probably get everything sponsored and pull a party from under the table in 12 hours. well, reality check, that girl's not me.

i do love all these wedding and party things and im at weddings more than an average girl. but its just my job. and sad to say, our pockets are not half as deep as most of the clients!! so color schemes and invite suites has never crossed my mind until after he popped the question. (even that was a complete surprise!)  so the minute after i said "of course!", i ran arms flailing excitedly but cluelessly into weddingville!! 

we got to work the very next day. lay some ground rules. im the planner. duh. he is the client. and till today, he gets the kick out of telling his mates about our very professional working relationship. so we talked about our ideals for this little "do" (at this point, our guest list was still maxed at 8 pax) and wanted something that reflected us. and here are how our ideas translated to our wedding:: 

1. we hate stuffy weddings and awkward conversation.
we invited only people we know love us enough. ie our family. save the awkward conversation for the later few weddings!

2. we are very casual people.

3. our favorite time of the day is the morning.
the solemnization was first thing in the morning.

4. we love good but unpretentious food.
we ate pizza and sparkling grapefruit juice/champagne/beers.

5. we have a few more weddings to go so we want to do this one small and simple (read: cheap!)

6. we want our dogs to be part of the action.
we got married in my front yard (this also helped point 5!!)  


so we decided on a color scheme based on our little lifelong project - to fill our world map with dots. pink dots - me. 
black dots - him. 
yellow dots - us together!!

so YELLOW!, a feel (preppy & clean), coordinating colours (primarily white but with a touch of grass green) but with loads dots! fortunately a very easy design element and i get to use my latest craze, the pomanders. with the countless amazing wedding blogs as a guide, i loved inspiration board below!!

it shared the key elements of our day : yellow + white, chic + modern + clean 

i still love now! its such a make-you-smile colour! especially the ballet shoes in the middle. daniel was not super keen on a yellow bowtie so he appointed mocha as his moodboard-representative. i must say he looked dashy on that day! i mean, both of them! :) 

moodboard from junebug loves.


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