Sunday, July 26, 2009

our wedding: updates

frankly now, sometimes this blogging business is tough work. haha! i've been harassed by people all week to post wedding pictures! just kidding!! my friends merely encouraged persistantly.. but still!! dude! of course!! im excited to share pictures but on the other hand, i really really want to wait for the full set of pictures to come in first!! this may sound very crazy but i only want to use the bestest pictures!

anyway, in light of the current massive ass project to collect all pictures while im in a different country, i remember this little thing! n the states, you can rent this USB dock for $450 and it arrives in the mail before your wedding/event. its a neat small block that sits at your reception table so all your guests can plug in their digital camera card so it automatically downloads all their wedding pictures on the spot!! smart eh? i can't find the link though.. but when i do, i'll update it!!

otherwise, this one is an inexpensive way to make it work... from here! 

or have a geeky younger cousin sit there and download pictures on a laptop! :) free! :)


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