Friday, July 24, 2009

oh my, aren't you one week too late?

one week ago, i swore i couldn't wait till life's back to normal. when i can shop without scanning the entire store by colour. this applies to shoe boutiques, clothes, candy stores, stationery.. absolutelyeverysinglefreakinthing. it was drinking me nuts. i was overwhelmed by the colour! (brides, please take this advice seriously. pick a colour you can live with for next XX number of months!)

even my friends & family were obsessed. i would get random phone calls saying "ooi! i saw the most amazing formal casual dress! you HAVE to check it out." and "Oh my! you should see what i found at salvos today!" and out came yet another yellow polkadotted jar!! and mom pulled out ribbons, fabrics in all shades of yellow from all over the world!! i kid you not. everyone was very involved. while it was all very exhilarating and exciting, i realized i have been neglecting a whole lot of other beautiful colours. flirty pinks, romantic blues, sweet sweet lilacs, precious pink, dependable blacks, crisp whites, delicious pinks.. did i already say PINKS?!!

just as i thought the yellow page in my life is passe, over, settled. this happened!!

good lord.. my heart just fluttered...

so pretty and subtle... i lurve lurve the detailing!

oooo, you had me at hello!! sugar cookies!

all beautifully styled by utterly engaged. engaged, married or single girls alike check them out!! more yummy stuff awaits...

im a little sad that im done with yellow.


  1. dear this is gorgeous! the yello craze is contagious! i am loving greens and happy yellows now. how are u babe?
    love reading your posts! put a smile on my face!

  2. i wana eat all things yellow and cream here. lol.

  3. it is, isn't it? i seriously picked up so many pieces of yellow clothes or random knick-knacks i didn't even use!! :)
    im good, dear! i chickened out of yoga class last night cos i was scared i didn't know any classmates. i will try to go this weekend! wish me yoga-luck.
    thanks sweets! YOU put a smile on my face.

  4. meep!! pretty! i have to go think of which colour theme i really want. rawr~

  5. must think SUPER hard, babe...
    you'd be living and breathing those colours for a while. (unless you're less obsessed than i am.. which is the rest of the 99% of women..)
    p.s. have you received mail?!

  6. hahaha...i think i'd be damn fickle. like "hey! blue is nice. oh wait, no...purple looks better. oh oh! the pastel pinks and greens works well too!". crap~
    yesyesyes!!! panda-doodle-material!!! heehee...thanks mr and mrs allender =)

  7. yayy! :) glad you liked it! got it way back in march in japan!! thats how long i've not seen you man! :)

  8. bah...and u're leaving soon!!! oh wait...or have u already left =(

  9. left! i posted it the day i left! :)


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