Thursday, July 23, 2009

travel stuff: the chengs in scotland

our little vacay in scotland started in edinburgh... we headed out to inverness on the first day! we did touristy things cruising along the beautiful windy roads of scotland. so i heard... i spent half the time car sick lying on the backseat watching boston legal on my ipod. what a damper. did i mention my dad rented a luxurious audi convertible? and i put together pretty scarfs so they can billow in the wind just like in the movies? what a shame. dad has some amazing pictures of scotland scenery, the misty fresh air, huge lochs with me looking pretty sorry and green.. :(

speaking of green.. our first B&B night spent in Trafford Bank, a beautiful beautiful house near Inverness town. we picked the green room because of mum. and it was perfect! it was tiny and quiet and had lovely local handmade toiletries, soap and heaps of gossip magazines.

my little corner with the plushest cushions and bedding. i could roll in there for days..

their perfectly manicured garden boasts of english roses, matthiola, plump hydrangeas, lavender.. all sorts of beautiful expensive flowers just sprouting from every possible corner. the entire home was filled with freshly cut blooms from the garden. seriously, i could move to scotland just for that one reason!! actually most people had beautiful gardens!! we walked around, digital camera in hand, snapping away like crazy!!

Inverness is a cute little town, rather quiet but has its own old school charm. we spent one night walking around and found their no. 1 seafood restaurant. their scallops (practically the only seafood i like..) were amazing! almost as good as the ones from japan!! and mum had a delicious starter of pork belly. tasted a bit like braised siew yok! but very saucy and yums with rocket salad.

meet elli-pants again! :) she was my chaperone for this trip! this is us at our second B&B - Pineapple House. Really love hosts with a delicious smelling house! i loved the diptique candles lying around the house! it was such a treat! the home was also very well decorated and neat.

glencoe is also a scenic little town. we spent the evening wandering along a private rocky beach. because the sun only set at 11pm, we had a longer day to traipse around the town exploring little corners and nature trails. i really enjoyed walking around scotland, everything was just so serene and calm. it gave me a little downtime to just be. i think my parents timed this trip intentionally to give me a little me-time away from wedding paraphernalia and before 'i' become 'we'.

we're headed to glasgow! don't i have the same camera-ready smile as my mama?!


  1. YES! You do look a whole like your Mom!!

  2. cut from the same cookie mould! :)

  3. random exclamations~
    your hair's long enough to plait and go around your head already?!! i must have not seen u in AGES.

  4. Re: random exclamations~
    i know!! just growing ANYWHERE. i was super jealous.
    AND hor.. i have a secret to tell you. its a headband! hahah! :)


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