Friday, July 24, 2009

travel stuff: edinburgh

did i tell you about the one time i packed my bags according to google weather reports and realized when i reached edinburgh that i've been monitoring the WRONG place the entire time. and the actual weather is 13 degress lower than the promised 27degrees in edinburg, texas!?! *faints* so i did go to scotland with nothing more than flipflops & summer dresses. so so clever.

i have zero pictures from glasgow, mainly because we were map navigating half a time based on my ma's diary from 30 years ago. she's super cute! she whisked out this diary she kept from long time ago and read us the places she'd like to revisit. like their old apartment, their older apartment, her school, dad's school, dad's canteen, etc. all very nostalgic. but all the directions we got was "you remember? it was like five minutes walk from school." or "across the river. i think. or maybe the other way." ah.. my mummy dearest!

and found the restaurant she waited tables in back in her youth! it has been given a major uplift now. (the resto, not ma..)

dad's very pretty school. ganked this off the internet. we wanted to buy some cheesy alumni sweatshirt.. but the one that read "my dad went to glasgow u" was a size 0mo-3mo.. *shrugs*

then zipped off to edingburgh to see song! and the castles and the Royal Mile.. but my favorite of the lot was Arthur's Seat.

me and my einstein brother. we literally ran to the peak in 20mins snapped this and ran back downhill!! the most exercise i got in years!

really neat tea and sandwiches/cakes on tiers! named eteaket! gettit!? how cute.

missed out on sterling castle but convinced dad he REALLY wanted to see livingston outlets! :)  the layout reminded me of the DFO in melbourne! the selection was not superduper but check out these bins and chairs!! i love!!!

and we ate 99p hot pastries with steak bits for lunch as we were running short of time (to shop..). song said these are the same pastries construction workers buy cos they are cheap and filling!! we're such hardcore travellers! then we said bye to edinburgh and headed back to central london!!!


  1. So nice... I hope when my girls are your age, they will still travel with their parents.

  2. ya, there is not one quiet moment with them! :)

  3. im sure they will! you and ed are such cool parents! :)

  4. lovely.. would love more pics. :) hehe


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